How social media affects your thinking and mindset.

We have been reading a lot about the social media and its effects on the human thinking and behaviour. The effects are both positive and negative and for certainly this post is about the effects in general keeping a neutral outlook over it. I feel anything can be a plus or a minus for anyone depending on what's their outlook on it. Hence, I won't be classifying anything into good and bad or gray. It's just plain information on how it affects us and our way of thinking about different things and how it is used for and against us at the same time.

If you ever had a pet whom you had to train for potty or other tricks or even a baby whom you need to teach things that they have no idea about, how would you do that? Imagine trying to teach a dog to fetch or teaching a baby to write and know the alphabet 'A'. You'd make them do it again and again until its hard etched inside their brains, such that even if you just throw a jug of water on them at midnight and wake them up to ask them the same thing again they'd clearly remember it. They would do the bidding or not that's whole another topic XD.

Social media and human brains work in the same way. Everyday if someone is shown good posts on a particular topics and then asked about it, they'd comment resonating on the same good vibe. This happens because when you think about it, your brain tells you that you have been reading only good things on it hence its a good thing so you form your opinions accordingly.

With elections, product launches and other marketing things it happens the same way. If you're brainwashed and shown same good/bad posts about some topic, everyday as most people spend at least an hour on social media. You'd have the same effect coming out over you. You'd think something as good/bad/gray depending on the posts that you had been seeing across the timeline the whole time.

Now, how these posts turn up in your timeline via various mediums but most prominently are the paid mediums. Paid mediums include, ads, normal users on which anyone won't doubt / influencers, who are paid on per post basis to spread a word, good or bad about a topic by marketing agencies. This can influence a ton of things like elections, your opinion about a service or product or even for a real person.

This is something which you can't actually help with as this is been hard wired in our brains. This is the psychological game which makes a social media good or bad. It's not how much data they have or they know. It's their power to influence and brainwashing minds into believing things which they usually won't believe or pass it out as some lame joke.

Note: This post is written on the basis of personal observations and information gathered from research papers and articles on over the Internet over a period of time. This is more of a personal outlook on the topic rather than an 100% accurate source to be quoted for some scientific journal/debate.


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