Why Reviews are needed?

In the previous post, I wrote about should paid reviews exist? Here in this post, I want to talk about why reviews still matter in this day and age of digital marketing where just one click and post can just reach out to millions within the reach.

For a consumer like you who is bored and watching a movie, reading a book or consuming any product or service, a petty thing like review would be a pain in the butt as you might be too bored or lazy to write a few words about it. But, your words have a value and have a bigger impact than what you imagine. The industry of reviewing works just because an average consumer is surely lazy or unknown about leaving a review at the right place.

In this digital world, social media and shopping website algorithms are trained to put up those products which have more reviews, good or bad comes in the second recommendation as reviews are only given after someone has actually bought the product right? The products which might be good enough but haven't had enough reviews are just pushed down in the algorithm race. I don't say what kind of products are generally pushed down the line or which ones are brought up, that all depends on individual marketplace or the algorithm creator.

For an average consumer, a few lazy written words can have impact on someone's bread and butter. With such huge risk, most companies and agencies start approaching review agencies. I can assume at least half of them are still ethical but let's just be real, there are more than that who just take in money and leave blatantly fake reviews which at times we all come across once we get a taste of them after buying the product which had one of those.

Imagine, if just one reader, leaves their opinion on the book wherever its been selling, the book gets an algorithm boost there. Opinion and its ranking is a secondary matter but surely, that first option itself means that people are indeed talking about the product its a result of good marketing and product itself as we very well know that not every product is for everyone.

But imagine, if you as a reader, don't post a review on a book you so loved and yet someone who is imagine from so termed fake review teams working for a competitive product, leaves a fake bad review. Would another person even take a chance buying that book again?

When I did a little survey of my own, I discovered that most don't even bother reading the reviews, or writing them. It's like ignoring a hungry lion in front of you isn't the best strategy when you both are locked up in a cage. Ignoring an issue doesn't solve it on its own for sure. Just your ignorance about that factor doesn't account much in the way the systems are been built today. There are people who actually take reviews into consideration before buying things as most can't afford the luxury of taking a risk.

Amazon is a very famous place who's been regularly plagued by spammers in such cases. Even for the most products which we know are genuine you'd find a one star review, just to bring its ranking down.

I discovered, most consumers wrote a review only when they had some sort of grudge against delivery, product etc.. but most who enjoyed barely cared to write about it at all. I know many businesses are looking past the reviews but it might take a while and in this mean time, someone out there might lose his job or bread-butter just because of a simple review. Ever imagined words from an average person can be so powerful?

There are many things which happen in the review based marketing, things like agencies leaving bad reviews on competitors products so just they get pushed down by the algorithm, boosting their own products in meantime by adding positive reviews and many more are the tricks. Of course these things are noticed very and dealt with in some situations but in most cases they are just to smart to execute that algorithm punishes someone and they aren't even aware of it until their account suddenly goes under scrutiny for selling bad products effectively getting them out of competition.

The damage is been done then. It's most of the times too late to make a new account and start again for most businesses. At times, it goes unnoticed and even ignored by bigger companies and institutions as they won't be involving themselves in every dog and cat fight when they get the benefit out of it or it might be bad for their own public image if something like this comes out.

So what should you do to deal with this? I know this question would be in most minds. You should just try to leave some sort of review, words, comments on any platform which certainly helps the things you love to pop up. Once common masses start talking about it, a few agencies working from the shadows won't be able to cope up with the sheer amount of earth's population even if 10% is talking about that one thing. I hope my point is clear.


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