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Dylap was the sound his body made when he was dragged from the river and with no memory of who or what he is, Dylap was what they named him.
Farro, an ancient city of fairies hidden deep in the Farrosian forest, is forced to find a place amongst its kind for this strange outsider shrouded in mystery: a flightless fae with spines instead of wings that sting when touched. A creature loathed and feared in equal parts yet must be sheltered by fairy law.

Dylap must adapt to his new surroundings, the fae class system, the Moonflower fairies, pixies wood knolls and squabblers amongst other creatures of the forest. A task only made harder as his past comes to him in visions and snatches of dreams; a darkness slowly focusing to reveal his true identity – but as Farro struggles to fight against a monstrous falcon that haunts its skies, and the strange disappearances of its own fairies, will it cope with the revelation of what Dylap truly is?

The darkest fairy-tales are those told by the fairies themselves…

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The incongruous murder of two foreigners in a small village, in the local Lingeshwar Temple bring a dedicated Inspector Nakul and his deputy to the village . The Inspector can't shake off the feeling that this was a part of a bigger plot. As he digs deeper, it gets more perplexing.
A Christian Doctor John seeking an unknown Hindu Purohit as a Guru and then turning into the village benefactor, mysterious movements in the village and the forest near by and an inexplicable disappearing and reappearing of missing goats have the Inspector and the reader chasing a convoluted plot.
What secrets does the quiet Sanyasi Lingeshwar temple hold?
Is it a quest for hidden temple wealth or something more? 
Why were John and Julia murdered? And why did John run inside the temple with the last bit of his strength instead of trying to seek help outside?
In a roller coaster thriller, this book will take you on a fast paced adventure with the innocent dutiful villagers and something sinister lurking in the shadows. Come, unravel this mystery with Inspector Nakul and discover the secret of the Lingeshwar temple.

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Seventeen and pregnant isn’t exactly the ideal situation. Neither is fighting through a firestorm of parental disapproval. 

That doesn't mean I’m not up for the challenge. I have no choice but to stay strong and not lose hope.

Unfortunately when hope turns into heartbreaking tragedy, all I can do is pack up and move on, and focus on the one most important thing in my life—my kid.

Making peace with the fact that love might not be a part of my future isn’t easy, but I do it anyway. I need to let go, to grow up—and part of growing up is realizing that life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. 

But sometimes—just sometimes—fate decides to intervene, and suddenly you have this whole new world of possibilities in front of you…and some new complications as well.

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