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You see the attractive stranger at the bar? They may not be what you think...

Jason Briggs' night may be about to go from bad to worse. An earlier break-up with his girlfriend was followed by an argument that ended in violence. Now, he finds himself alone among the hustle and bustle of Saturday night clubbers... And then he meets the girl.
Jason is attracted by the pretty stranger, but it quickly becomes apparent she is troubled and seeking assistance. Jason offers to help, though his motives are less than chivalrous.
However, there are other forces in play this night; other eyes watching, waiting, stalking...
Jason's life is about to get even tougher.

Nightlife (Selected Cuts from Dark Albion, #2) is a seven-thousand word short story, originally published in the Dark Albion collection.

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Timothy Williams is a teenage geek from 9b. He has problematic hair, a distinct lack of coolness, an obsession for warfare and is always picked last for PE. So, when he’s chosen by the Archangels to represent the forces of good against evil, he is naturally surprised and equally perturbed at the prospect. On the upside, he receives an ancient and powerful holy artefact to help protect him, but on the downside, it does little to improve his hair!
When Timothy’s school becomes the subject of a demon takeover, he and his two friends, Rupert and George, must unmask their foe. Timothy is forced into a battle for survival, not only in the real world but in his very dreams where he must fight his nemesis to prevent Hell on Earth.

And when revelations about Timothy’s ancestry come to light, he must accept his past to save his future. Timothy Williams must survive to fight the Last Battle on the eve of the new century, and he must win to save our souls…?

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