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Will Bandahar, a rich and prosperous empire at dizzying heights of prosperity, survive the black tempest that has come knocking at its door?
An epic love story set against the background of conflict between two warring nations, surrounded by political intrigue, betrayal and jealousy.

In the barren hinterland of Jahar, Shikhanderi an orphan warrior is grappling with the conflict of his beliefs and the actions perpetrated by his mentor, the dark lord Karmachakra. 
In Aranghya, the capital kingdom of the prosperous Bandahar Empire, Emperor Mithilesh awaits the arrival of his nemesis, who brings the promise of certain death.
All hell breaks loose when Ishanya, the beautiful daughter of Aranghya’s royal adviser, is secretly banished to Jahar.
The voice of paradise beckons the scion of hell as the fierce Shikhanderi is drawn to Ishanya, an innocent pawn in the power-politics of Bandahar.
Surrounded by a maze of deceit and duplicity, will Shikhanderi and Ishanya's love ever see light in the darkness that is Jahar?
Will Shikhanderi’s search for his identity rock the very foundations of Bandahar?

From a first time writer, comes a thrilling tale of adventure, myth, and fantasy.

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Note : The book is free to download from March 28, 2019 to April 2, 2019. Kindly check in your respective regional Amazon before downloading.


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  1. That's an interesting mix of fantasy and love! Too many characters, but a complex plot ....reminded me of the Mahabharata...Must read..

    1. Thanks, would surely give it a try once I am done with my TBR pile up.


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