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Recently, there has been a ton of discussion about the most profitable careers around me. I am in a stage of life where almost everyone around me is a non-certified yet a trusted and experienced career counsellor. Not intending to hurt anyone but it just gets difficult when you have too much of advice around you.

As its very well said, options spoil you. More the options, more you get indecisive as almost every other option looks lucrative. Some will say follow your heart quoting some random movie dialogue or a nice quote from some book. While a few others will try to show you a very practical approach towards life stating some random never heard before logics and show you some superficial mathematics. The ones which remain will just smile at you and then ask you what options do you have in mind and then just bash all of them asking you to give some more options. Trust me the last ones are horribly annoying.

But out of all these conversations and advices, one advice/conversation was such that, it just have kind of kept its hold on my mind. I won't name the person giving it due to some reasons but I'd surely love to share the account which had happened when I was on the career option divider. I don't aim to just target or hurt any respective field or anyone following their dream careers but just sharing an account which now feels funny to me recollecting it now.

I had already opted for science and it was the time when you had to choose for an entrance exam for heading towards your dream career option. Engineering and Medical were foremost options which were on everyone's tip of the tongue. I was leaning towards the medical and well many tried to convince me to get on the engineering side.

One such special lecture was kept, once again, to ensure that only a particularly sure ones head for the medical entrances. I being the head straight sure that I wanted to go for medicals still struck with my choice but the lecture is something which I still sometimes recollect and laugh.

Our professor, he took a chalk and started explaining how these entrances and other procedures work. Once he finished the factual information, he started telling us what we were heading towards. He almost broke he resolution of my best friend to dive into engineering even when he loved studying biology like me, but unlike what happened after a few months is quite funny.

Sir started explaining, that if a student chooses a path of engineering, he can be graduate in barely 4 years and start earning afterwards. While a person who opts for medical, might not get the admission in the same year and would have to wait for a few more years to get a course of their choice. On Average it would take a student to finish his medical bachelors after 6 years. Now if you count the investment you placed in both, engineering in the most costliest colleges averages to 1 lac/yr but on the other hand a medical student pays approx 5-6 lacs/yr depending on the course, at times even more for the donations and what not.

An engineering student would easily recover his investment done for his education within a few years while a medical student won't find it sufficient even to compete with the bachelor's degree in most ways. While most salaries stay around the same, you'd have to work more just to get the amount you had invested in your degree back.

I know much of it is a bit on the hazy side and not 100% correct but the generalisations made aren't totally rubbish either. It took me a long time later to realise that engineering isn't exactly a piece of cake that people present it to be. There were many things which just changed my perception about the whole concept of career counsellors and their guidance. They might be best in their fields during their own time but for a student, who is right now in this stage, has their own set of problems altogether and nothing works as per the plan.

We often had cracked jokes during the college days when we used to chat with our seniors about the placements from the college. "Taxi or auto driver would earn way more than an engineer these days" that was the statement etched on every mind and it wasn't totally wrong either as I know a few who actually left their engineering - teaching based and other jobs to drive autos and taxis and earned much better than they did with their so called gold and grey collared jobs.

Our maths professor used to say, if you don't know anything, just open a fast food stall and it'd run like crazy in a city. At time we used to think of it as a joke and laugh, but now when we realised that its not a joke and a real fact, we laugh at the irony of the things. At times I still wonder that is so much education really needed? or is this education system just built to keep students in for a longer time to gain more money per year? Is the standard of education really improved or just new subjects and time-wasters are added to increase the cash-churning margin of these institutions while people continue to run after all sorts of degrees and certificates while companies favouring them continue to use it as a benchmark to judge someone's potential.

I don't know what it would be in the future but surely these are a few things which often plague my mind when I feel low, making me think, am I a fool to put such efforts when they are of no use?


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    1. That was just my blog post number. I want to keep a count of how many I post. Now when I actually look at it that way, yes it does appear like a clickbait XD. Totally unintentional.... btw happy to see your comment.


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