Dhawal's Blog - 3 - Social Media Struggles

What's the next big step after every new launch or announcement ? Its marketing right? Well what better method to market your content than the wonderful social media these days. Left to right whatever you see these days most content have some or the other influence over us each and every day. While somethings are quite clearly mentioned on the accounts whereas many aren't. All of suddenly there's a blind race of acquiring followers and by any means possible.

Being a hobby writer myself I want my book to reach out to its max potential readers. Hence, I too joined the bandwagon a few months back. I googled up every possible trick, gained content tips and other methods to max out the engagement levels but almost every thing had a similar result. I was terribly confused as while I was seeing some random accounts which were just a few weeks old getting thousands of followers, here I was somehow struggling and confused, wondering why I am not moving past the hundredth mark?

I tried to improvise the content, tried building up more interactive engagements and all possible things which were ethically right. But still, like every other possible trick that I wanted to try resulted in failure. Suddenly there was a desperation and a thought that why its not working? For many of you who know me close, I have this obsession of making things work. Hence, what was next? I tried things which I felt were making me more like a social attention seeker. I stopped as soon as I realised where I was heading towards.

After a few days of self condolencing and scolding, I decided to just let things be and be myself. I realised that the real connection, I have with my audience is with my words. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter might be good for connecting with audiences for others, but for authors, and people like me, I don't think that would be a real way to connect with the audiences you want. I am a person who is more interactive in real life than the on screen life. I don't visit every day some random cafe just to upload a selfie with a random coffee with designs. I am not the person who uploads fancy pictures showcasing how much I own or how beautiful my life is. I am more of the kind which enjoys its essence and just lives more without talking much about it.

I am admitting it that I am not the one whose profile you'll look at and click that follow button. But I am happy that I might be the one whose words have way more magic than appearances. In fact, I had been told this a long while back but at times we do get of track right? I remember one of my friends, Megha. Like many others she wanted to read more from me. It was actually her idea that gave a sort of rebirth to this blogging series.

I had almost stopped writing blog kind of posts. All I wrote was reviews and at times stories. But I realised that at times there's more to this world which can be written and connected together in the form of stories, articles and reviews. Leaving all the mechanical things aside, I decided to open up and build a personal connection. I don't know if this post is actually read and appreciated or just plain ignored like tons of others. But I am pretty much content and happy that I am writing things out and this feels more natural than the mechanical only professional posts. It took me time to figure out how to write about topics and explain my personal pov without making it look like some news articles or tips stuff. I just wanted to write where I share my own experiences and ideas. So here, this post is and I hope it reaches its deserved audience.


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