Effective ways of Marketing your Book

Once you have successfully published a book, one huge question comes to your mind which is about its marketing. Now, if you just fire up your browser and go online there are tons of books and other sources which will provide you with tons of methods and solutions which may or don't work at all.

I have self published a book on kindle which you can check out by clicking here. For the marketing of the very same book, I have compiled a list of marketing strategies that I use often. I can't assure a 100% drastic sales improvement using these tips but if executed properly would surely give you a boost in the sales. I have tried and executed most of these strategies except the ones which require huge marketing budgets ( I'm a broke college student you see :P).

  1. Write an effective book description and choice of a good cover : It is one of those things that where almost 50% of the book marketing campaigns go wrong. Most of the times while reviewing the books I've stumbled across a badly written description or a horribly misguiding one. I'd refrain from giving examples here as it might be taken in a negative manner whose books I might name hence just fire up your search engines and check out some of the books you've read and analyse if their descriptions aptly describe the book or not.

    Most writers make a huge mistake in this very first step as often when a misguided reader reads your book, there are 90% chances of it leaving your book with a 3 star or less rating with or without a pretty bad comment. It might just be good for your book sales if you wrote a story which falls into a niche category of readers but you wanted maximum sales for it.

    Even if your publisher or marketing agency wants you to do that, please avoid writing misguiding book descriptions. This is the very first step because from now on, most things aren't in your hand are solely the result of your writing and the book description/cover.
  2. Find your target audience : This is second step and yet most important one in your marketing plan. It is very important for an author or a marketer to know their target audience as without your target clear, you can't necessarily achieve your goals.

    Try to identify your target audience first. Ask yourself the questions like - Whom I am writing for? What are my readers expecting from me? Who'd be an ideal buyer for this work? Where would the book gain most sales? Where would be the most profit-cost ratio?  Some of such questions will help you to identify and distinguish your audience. For example, it can be a from age group 18-25 reading YA Fantasy Romance, or millenials reading non-fiction, or readers who just simply love reading historical fiction.

    Once you identify your audience, it becomes way easier to just approach them with your book. You can just make a post and see how many turn up. Again, depending upon your genre and book the response would greatly vary as there are different readers with different choices.
  3. Create a proper marketing plan : Once you are done with creating a nice blurb and making your target audience clear. Now, its the time to decide how you're going to reach them out. Let me make it very clear in the first step, creating a Facebook/Instagram/Blog etc won't account anything on itself. Instead such things add on one more marketing hurdle or layer in front of you.

    If you are someone who has a consistent readership, it can be from anywhere, your socials, blogs, newsletters etc.. start making them notice about your upcoming book. Post quotes from your book. Talk about your story, how you created the characters or what difficulties you had while writing. Sharing such experiences would get most readers curious if your work is that good. Again, it all depends on how you share your experiences and craft your way out.

    If you are someone who is just a noob and beginning to crack the shell of the publishing industry and trying to survive outside. First I'd recommend to just choose one platform or way where you have the most readership/following. Don't be a dumbass and open up 25 different profiles and start juggling between them. Dividing your attention is the last thing you'd need to do right now. Create a few profiles and just primp them up. Don't start pushing content and others aggressively to like or share it right now. Just go to your main platform and start building your audience slowly. The process will be painfully slow but it'd be worth it. If your main platform is Instagram, then show how you write, what's your working schedule. Show them a little insight behind the writing scenes, where you go, how you interact with others, socialise etc. Don't do anything that you won't normally do.

    If your main platform is your blog/facebook page/newsletter, then try to get more people interested in it and follow it. Try to put most interesting content you can create. It can be microfiction, travel diaries, short articles, blogposts about some other interests, etc. Along with that insert a little hint about your book in every possible post. Keep in mind that it should be as subtle as possible.
  4. Refrain from Aggressive and Pushy Marketing : Reading is an intimate experience ( That's what I was told by CEO and Co-Founder of Wattpad, Allen Lau during our meet. ). Most readers won't appreciate your pushy posts or you forcing them to check out their books.

    If you have friends then don't let them feel uncomfortable by asking if they read your book every time you meet them. Don't make them feel that they can't be your friends if they haven't read your book. Its okay to get curious and at times even frustrated that your own friends aren't even bothered about your book. But keep in mind, not everyone is a reader and not everyone reads every single type of book.

    Don't be a jerk who just joins a ton of groups just to send marketing messages about their posts or books. Join the groups in which authors interact and work together, be friendly and interactive instead of just being desperate about your book. Remember there are almost million more authors in the world. There are many groups which actually create healthy discussions and help out each other in several ways. (If you want to join such groups then you can reach out to me.)
  5. Don't stop writing : Most of the times writers just stop writing after one of their book/s is published and never bother to show up until a few years later when they decided to put up another book. You can be tackling a job and writing as a passion but its very necessary to actively interact with your audience.

    You can't just disappear and magically find someone waiting for you to write the next book. No one would be bothered if you do that if I say practically. Being active doesn't mean posting tons of crap on your social handle every single day. That'd more often drive the quality audience and just build up on troll following. You won't want to gather a wrong set of audience when you need to market your books.

    Writing is one of the ways you can keep your readers engaged in with your writings and when you come up with a next book. They'd be surely eager to at least check out your work. That'd be one step less of gathering the audience in the first place again which you were already done with in the first step. Remember, don't try to do what you can't to regularly or isn't true to your self. It'd be more of hassle than joy and the results won't be good at all.
  6. Reviews, Giveaways, Book signings and Launches : Another major factor that comes into place after someone has bought your book at least is curious to get one. Reach out to the reviewers or just even readers at max who'd be more than happy to read your work and review it over whatsoever portals you wish for.

    I'd advise to refrain from being pushy for reviews and especially dealing with the reviewers who just write whole story summaries as reviews. There can be some reviewers who'd charge you some amount for their review but see if its worth it. Enquire them about how many guaranteed sales they can provide? Ideal charges for any reviewer would be from profit you earn with a single book to the profit you'd earn with 10 books.

    I'd judge the amount the reviewer is asking by the number of sales he/she is able to provide. I know its not a guarantee most of the times but even if the quoted number is enough for the profit you'd get from the book then its good to go. For example. If a reviewer guarantees you 10 book sales and the price of your book is for say 100 bucks. The profit you get from each book is say 20 bucks. Then the ideal charge for the reviewer should be 20*10 = 200 bucks. But again it'd differ from every other person as there are some top level bloggers who just give you a wider audience and charge more but can't guarantee you any sales. The general thumb rule I'd say is don't pay anything for more than double the price of your own book if its a single blogger. ( It'd differ if that single blogger has millions of followers )

    Giveaways are a hit or a miss depending upon your audience. Giveaways are the ideal way of just being grateful to your readers as well as gain some reviews alongside. Don't be a douche who writes 100 conditions to enter the giveaway. A 'Giveaway' itself means that you are just giving it away to whosoever needs it. Don't be a jerk who begs to get followed at ten different places and then makes anyone eligible to enter the giveaway. You can although drive traffic to one of your platforms and choose from there but just one or two would be a sweet limit. Keep the giveaway as easy and simple as possible.

    Book Launches are one of the most expensive deals that might cost any author or publisher a lot depending upon the grandeur of the event. You can most of the times combine the book launch and signing together so as you can sell a few copies (modestly speaking) as signed copies directly to the audiences who'd have gathered for the launch. It's a good idea as its a win win for both the reader and author as just attending  a book launch can be practically boring and useless unless you are a journalist whose job is to cover the event or you are a die hard fan who just wants to see the magician behind the words in the person.

    Book launches can be again a huge hit or a miss as there are several ways you can do them. Ensure that the event management agency you are dealing with is a good one.
  7. Marketing Agencies : There are many marketing agencies who'd help you to follow all of the above steps along with some more steps that they might have in middle. They'd just take a good sum of money from you and free you from all the shackles of marketing so you can just sit back relax and keep on writing. This is the last option, which I have never tried personally for my book but I have been working with marketing agencies every now and then hence I know a ton of things.

    There are two types of marketing agencies that come into picture these days. One of them is digital marketing agencies and other is your traditional ones. With the digital age, the digital marketing agencies are well known and well spread over all the socials. They would offer you various packages from handling your socials to creating large trends for you on twitter or instagram. Most of their web is spread in the world of internet hence if you are someone who'd be happy with the web only promotions then you can surely approach one of these. These are ideally cheap since they don't actually interact much into the real world.

    Traditional marketing agencies are the ones you'd usually see around yourself everyday. They can market your work right from newspaper to the online facebook ad you might scroll through your feed every fortnight. They obviously charge you more but give you a real world interface as well. They might even handle book launches and craft some offline marketing strategies for you. They can connect you with the bookstores and libraries and get your book on their shelves. It all depends on how much you are able to spend and how much you want your book to reach out to the masses.
It is just a gist of how effectively you can market your book. I hope I am able to cover all the valuable tips that'd help you to gain an audience for your work.

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