Dhawal's Blog -2 - Tips to curb the fake news

It's just another average day when I don't feel like working anymore. Yet, I wanted to do something and be somewhat productive instead of being a lazy bum sitting around gaining weight XD. What better task I can do instead of writing? It's been a few days and I haven't written anything interesting.

Yesterday the news of the coined term "surgical strike 2.0" were all around the media. I was constantly scrolling through the social media and I noticed a few things which I'd love to share and would like to talk about it. Most of the posts, memes and what not the content was available was via the average user accounts. It was a great news that terrorists had the taste of their own medicine. But at the same time there was no clear cut affirmations from any of the governments.

At times, I wonder if the mass media is to spread the 'news' or 'fake news'? They started airing the news as if there was an official video released( which again turned out to be some old random video clip from Internet) and confirmation from the Indian Official side. Obviously, the confirmation arrived much later and was much more toned down and factual then the over spicy version of the News Media Channels that had been flashing over the screens. At times, I feel all these stations are ran by panic prone people who'd panic like the chicken who claimed the sky is falling just because a leaf fall on its head.

All of these acts might look nothing to someone or totally childish to others but, such immature acts do nothing but war-mongering and provocation. Along with the information there was a ton of subtle fake information latched to it. The channels were having debates and discussions as if they're the authorities who are going to take action or work in any manner. Also, I'd never understand who allowed them to just broadcast such a news when there was no confirmation whatsoever? Aren't they accountable on any sorts? The level of access these media houses have theses days via means of socials, newspapers, tv and others.  They can just feel like god because in the age of data and information, the later is power.

We all know what happens when there's too much power concentrated at one single point right? All I mean to say is that instead of trust whatever these outlets claim, take everything with a grain of salt until there's any official statement or any trustable authority behind the news. That's the way to curb fake news and stop its spread.

At times, I still find many of my own kin making the same mistake. Whenever I get any message, I ask for its source, I check if its a credible source and if its a trustworthy or not. With the elections coming soon, there will be tons of media marketing and publicity from every side trying to swoon you over theirs but beware, don't get convinced with any random number who knows who made up or printed. Beware of cropped documents or any of such pictures which can hurt the sentiments and provoke anyone.

If you are a whatsapp user, avoid using broadcasts and groups for such idiotic forwards in which you don't trust or recognise the source. If you want to find out if a source is trustworthy or not, check for their accountability, to whom they are answerable. Then you can decide using your own smart minds that if it is something to be believed on or not.


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