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Yesterday was the moment I had been eyeing for so long. My website, this little space on the internet officially crossed the 50,000 pageview mark. The reason I had to await long because, while I was revamping the website a year back, I had deleted a lot of content  ( ~100+ pages and posts ) which I deemed unfit for the newer version of my website. This resulted in reducing pageviews but its alright, life isn't always in the profit. This space on the internet is one of my places which represents the work I've been doing till date.

I first started writing in 2012. I had ton of questions in my mind and the ideas were cited entertaining by my friends. One of them asked me if I ever thought of compiling all the ideas & questions I get somewhere? That was the moment, I was introduced to the whole concept of blogging. Initially my writing skills weren't impressive at all. I used to mix up tenses, which I at times still do but that's another topic. I learned the basics of web design and started experimenting on this particular blog. Over the years, I coded this theme using tits and bits that I learnt from all over the internet.

When I started earning, I decided to collect all the money and invest in a this website, and that's when I bought this domain ( www.dhawaljoshi.in ) . Many just argued that a .com domain would be much better but I just stayed with what I had in my mind. The .in domain was cheaper TLD as well as it represented whom I am, an Indian. I don't know how it affects but somehow it gave me a sense of pride. I had learned about the .in domains and its sub domains when I was a part of NSS team, who was participating in the Digital India Quiz Competition. ( For which we won the 1st price ;P ).

Many ask me if I earn via this website, for them the answer is NO. I do not want any ads on my blog as its a part of what I am now. Its been like 7 years working on this and evolving this portal along with how my knowledge about the internet and the technical world grows. It might not matter to others as its just 50,000 views crossed which is something that most popular websites do in a day at times. But I am happy and more than satisfied with my progress.

There are many more questions that I've answered the combining them as many of you had similar doubts in mind whenever we have an interaction.

  1. I never had ads on this website, nor I plan to place. Ads is something I despise a lot.
  2. As every human as to earn a living, I had to try something such that this portal supports its own cost. Hence I opened option for donations. If anyone love the content, they can support me in a number of possible ways.
  3. I have self coded the theme and it is not in any sort of final version. It has been evolving and will always keep evolving. As I learn something new and feel like implementing it, you'd surely find it the very next day on this portal.
  4. More than a place to show off or earn from, this is like a baby project to me. I just write my heart out here and would just wish it never shuts down.
  5. I have planned a ton of things for the content side on this website but it'll take me time to just sort and select through the tons of ideas I get everyday.
  6. I never have used any kind of paid ad marketing and every single view is organically achieved. I intend to keep it the same way, I'd appreciate it more if the people find this portal on their own rather than spoon feeding them via pushy ads.
  7. If I get a chance in future, yes I might try to make this my primary source of earning but that's a very long shot idea who know's it may or may not come true. All I can do is just keep working and let time decided the rest.
  8. Yes I will post more often now and possible one post each day, so I'd request to follow to get the updates. I have always tried to keep up the content quality and will do irrespective of the quantity of the content.
  9. For the smart one who asked me if the traffic is bot traffic or not. Well once I had deleted tons of posts when I revamped the website a year back, which included views getting deleted along with their posts, so in that manner my view counter should have been doubled right? Although, more than just views, you should focus on how the content has improved and provide feedback to improve it further instead of trying your foolish tactics to bring morale down.
  10. Last but not the end. I don't know what I am doing and where I am going. I know I am to be an engineer and yet I am here writing books, articles, doing marketing and what not. The only thing I know is I am happy working whatever type of work I am doing now. I have no regrets whatsoever and I'd prefer it to stay in that manner.


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