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Through peace, it’s justice we seek!
The hunter will meet the fate of the hunted
And the mighty will serve the meek!

Twenty years ago, a corrupt President, a greedy industrialist, and a sycophant policeman uprooted the tribal people from their own land and burned their houses. Twenty years later, the Republic of Bodh is in danger from a similar evil troika.

The curse uttered by a frail tribal woman during the carnage twenty years ago has inspired Jwaala, the only female leader in the senate, to reform the Republic of Bodh.

But the same curse has turned Saaya, once an innocent victim of the massacre, into a relentless killing machine with a mission to prey on the predators.
Even when the Republic spirals into a storm of scandals, the greedy and corrupt President Chaupat is torn between his lust for a dancer and his unrequited passion for his wife Kaamini.

Will Saaya succeed in his mission or will Chaupat thwart his efforts?
Will Jwaala, orphaned in a violent attack, be able to turn the curse for the greedy into a blessing for the poor? Will she succeed to save the Republic from another ensuing bloodshed?

The Curse is a gritty political thriller about people who have lost much to greed but want to transform their nation. 


Looking at the cover and checking out the blurb I felt there would be a tinge of fantasy or sci-fi element to it. You can say maybe I just connected the title too much with the current gen FantaSci reads. But as I continued reading it was more of a political thriller than anything else.

The story begins in a very mysterious ways and created a curious vibe in me. I thought this would be interesting point in the story as I move on further. But to me it turned out to be quite predictable. Although, the narration really good and I loved the smart use of vocabulary here and there. I often had to use dictionary to find the meaning of some peculiar words. I rarely enjoy a book when I have to fire up dictionary time and again as it just breaks the flow of reading but here it was in a sweet spot, not too much.

I enjoyed the story as it took deeper dives into the political upheaval. The characters were really well thought upon and developed nicely. Although, it was overall a good read. I wasn't impressed or felt disappointed at the same time. Maybe, I had too much of political stuff recently who knows. The story being quite predictable and yet the narration didn't make it bore, makes it a good recommendation for the ones who like reading books around the governments and political theories. Just don't make a mistake of connecting it with grim dark fantasy or science fiction looking at the title.

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