Review: Click! She's stuck in his Head

Click! She's stuck in his Head by Seeta N
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Blurb from Goodreads :

Anil's life was set to be changed forever the moment he had boarded that Mangalore Express, when a chance encounter brings Aaliah into his life and within a week's time, propels their friendship to a full-blown love relationship. But it's only on Anil's return from the trip, that Rohit, Anil's best friend-cum-business partner, suspects something odd when Anil begins to show a photograph of Aaliah to his drunken friends at a party. Rohit being slightly sober notices something strange. Astonishingly the girl, who Anil verbally describes, looks nothing like the girl in the photograph, who is called Aaliah. And she is the one who Anil claims to be in love with. This raises suspicion in Rohit's mind as to who the girl Anil was describing could be? And does she even exist, since she is nowhere to be seen in the photographs. With million questions in his mind, Rohit finally embarks upon a quest to uncover the truth behind Anil's strange behaviour.To uncover the truth about Anil and Aaliah, and the mysterious girl that Anil keeps describing come and be a part of this unique and exciting romantic journey in unravelling the mystery behind Click! She's stuck in this head.


From the Blurb I felt there wasn't much interesting to read but still I opened up and gave this a try as I didn't wanted to judge a book without reading it. As I started reading it, I realised the book is somewhat cliche. One Male, One Female in a romantic location and the story begins. I wanted to leave it at that moment thinking its just another your usual they met and fall in love romance story but the narration and writing styled had gripped me to the book so I decided to continue reading.

Honestly, I am glad that I didn't leave the book at that moment and continued reading ahead. The story changed its tones from sweet to now romantic and then slowly would go mysterious. Throughout the book, I loved the way the story was narrated and the writing style as well. It was a major factor that kept me hooked to the first place in the book.

The story changes it tones as you keep reading further and the twists well, they will make you read ahead as at one point you'd feel you've read this before and you can predict the story but as you go on reading, it turns out to be something else. It had some cringe and overly cheesy moments but it was well suited to the theme and didn't irk me much.

I loved the little things that were taken care of while writing and the narration actually made me feel that I was there in that place. It was clearly showing its bollywood influence but it was okay as the overall theme was well suited and blending was really good with the story.

I wish there were more of the reactions of the female at the end, you'd know when you'll read and will know what am I talking about here. I felt the story can possibly have a sequel and would love to read if there will be any. It was a really good read I had after a very long time.

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