THE CAGED TIGRESS by Dr.Arundhati Hinge
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The book is a combination of LOVE ,HURT ,PAIN, DEPRESSION,INSPIRATION,AWARENESS and essence of HISTORY.We all are aware of physical abuse on girls But abuse can also be done emotionally.That is the central theme of this book.To spread awareness of EMOTIONAL ABUSE which is not visible and many girls are unaware of this. 
Dr.Aadya who is a well educated yet simple girl.Her dad puts proposal of arrange marriage in front of her. Aadya fell in love for the first time and after marriage she faced another personality in her husband.She got confused,depressed and directionless. And she came to know the term "EMOTIONAL ABUSE" for the first time. 
Along with Aadya,The historical story of MANIKARNIKA (RANI LAXMIBAI) has been entangled. 
The story is narrated beautifully to maintain enthusiasm and interest alive.


The whole concept of connecting with the Queen of Jhansi in dreams had gotten me sold on the book. I loved the concept of parallel story-telling of both girls making it resemble as if its a re-incarnation or some sort of 'History repeats itself' storyline. The whole plot was quite unique and I really liked the way of story telling. But somewhere, there I felt it fell short on letting me as a reader connect with the world of Aadya. The story felt really fast paced as there was no much depth for a reader to indulge and dive into her world. It felt as if you're just getting to know from the outer layers, the facts. I'd have loved it more if there was a deep connection to the characters inner thoughts and emotions.

The story tries to bring out the topic of 'emotional abuse' which is very often easily neglected and tough to prove as it doesn't carry any much of the physical traits to prove that someone is been victim of such abuse. Here, there's an attempt to bring out that hidden trope of the society which isn't spoken about much. I feel this is one of my first Indian feminist themed books. At times people forget the fine line between being feminist and misandry. Here I feel it was balanced on that aspect. Although, I'd have loved more on the marriage part which just really flew through in the story.

Somewhere I felt the author could've played a lot more with the concept of bringing the ancient queen back to her dreams and teaching her or training Aadya or something. But this is a first book in the series so I'd rather wait for the second one before commenting much more about it.

Apart from everything I mentioned above, I liked the debutant author's story and her idea of bringing something new out rather than beating the old bush again and again. I wish her good luck for the second book and would recommend this book to all those who want to read more on the topic of emotional abuse, or those who enjoy reading feminism themed books. Somehow, I felt the book had a sad/dark vibe overall, so if you're someone who loves dark stuff can check it out as well.

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  1. Your review is seems genuine and helpful. Came to know about the plot and the story outline. Definitely a story on different theme, where present and history goes parallel.

  2. Your review seems genuine and helpful. Came to know about the plot and the story outline. Definitely a story on different theme, where present and history goes parallel.

  3. Your review has invoked my interest! I'll give it a read maybe!


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