Man and sexism in Jobs

I often wondered what does mean by sexism in job. Stating that some tasks are only just for the males or some tasks are only for the females? To be honest, I don't think so. Although, taking the scientific attitude and some common sense in the hand and looking at the matters one can surely say that males certainly better at some tasks and females are certainly better at the rest. No one can deny the magic of evolution and the way things have been working since past eons.

Jobs which include brute force or just continuous use of strength are often called off as the Male dominated professions where as the jobs which require skills, include delicate details and need excellent level of focus are often the female dominated professions. But does that mean no man is able to perform delicate tasks and no female can show brute strength?

The issue here lies with generalising everything. Yesterday, a funny tweet just had me thinking on this. The tweet was, " If the devil is in the details, does that mean the god lies in generalisation? " I would've surely captured the tweet and embedded it here if I could find it again. But, apart from that let me come back to the point. Recently, there's a huge encouragement on social media for females who show the power and are into things like body building or extreme sports and males who can cook or take care of kids.

Seriously? My dear fellow males, if you are able to cook for yourself and your family then its not a novelty. Others who don't know to cook for themselves, I am so sorry to say that you lack even the most basic of the survival skills. A man who can do cook, clean, sew isn't someone to be praised just because he's a man doing it. Personally, I feel those are the most basic living skills any human should know. Also, for females if you are going to gym, building up some muscle or racing on a cycling track or taking a part in a marathon you aren't automatically landing into a novelty either.

It doesn't mean we shouldn't praise someone who is good in their respective tasks. But the praise should come for the work and their level of work and not because they belong to a particular sex. I often slap my forehead looking at the silly headlines where they write female programmers earn less than males, but I don't know the full picture here. Has anyone accounted the hours of work and skill they had poured in? I again not pointing out and not generalising or literally meaning anything but just think, how many times you just blatantly generalise everything and start being a complaint box about everything on the social media.

Sexism doesn't lie in any jobs or any where else but in each of our own eyes. We just are too adamant to find faults in our own self and too busy in pointing fingers at others.

Always remember, when you point one finger at someone else, automatically there are three fingers pointing back at you. 

That doesn't mean you start self loathing and overthinking but its just that one should self evaluate before pointing out fingers on someone else. Every single human thinks of himself as most pious and pure personality but in reality everyone has some dark deeds which they just wish never come out.

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