NEVERFOUND LAND by Durriya Kapasi
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Blurb From Goodreads:
Solomon, who is a genie and human hybrid, discovers his supernatural powers and a truth hidden from him for twenty years. His ordinary life turns into an adventure, full of never-ending challenges and responsibilities, when his foster father is kidnapped and his biological father’s kingdom and legacy is threatened. Will Solomon step into the land of the genies to save his loved ones? Will he accept his fate as the heir of Neverfound Land? Neverfound Land is a heartwarming tale of a young man taking control of his destiny.


I had read the prequel (click here to read about it. ) and I can certainly say that sequel is worth the wait. There were a lot of uncleared things in the previous book which I feel are now explained very well. I wish there was more content to read although as the whole ideas of Genies and magic is exciting to read. Most of us have read about Aladin and his magic lamp but this story takes us on some new unseen world of genies. It is a totally and unique plot. The writing and narration was really good and the plot was really well worked upon. Totally enjoyed reading it as I finished it within a day.

I loved the cover design and the printing quality. It's weird to mention because I've never added this to any of my reviews but I really liked the printing style. Only regret being wish there were more chapters to read. I felt this could've another book in the series like a triology instead of duology. The plot had so much depth into it that I felt there could've been possibly more stuff to write and create the genie world. But in a gist if you are a fantasy lover and wanna grab a unique plot, this book is totally worth going for it.

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