I took a big leap - Why I left Wattpad

Yesterday was the day when I took a huge leap. Surely for some of you it might not look like one but for me it is. It took me a long time to finally take this decision and let me tell you why as most of you are asking me about it.

Yesterday I deleted my Wattpad account and decided to start posting here on my personal website/blog. Many of you were shocked by the decision because of me being an Ex-Wattpad ambassador and it being a huge part of my life. Well the full story behind it is that, I might have began to start my journey as an author on Wattpad but now it was feeling stagnant.

I have invested quite a lot over my blog and it was conflicting to come up with content at the same time to keep two things alive. Writing is a hobby and a passion that helps me earn a bit of pocket money for now. Publishing on Amazon is a complete different story which I'll share someday in future but for now let's focus on this topic.

After I finished my first book, I had been writing a second Science Fiction in the same time. But again as the time passed it was growing difficult for me to generate content for both my blog and Wattpad account. It was weird to divert same set of readers on two different places to read the same content by the very same writer. It was weird for me as well as the people who used to love read my stuff. I had started to see decline because of this hustle between two platforms.

Since my academics were also a huge factor in the real life which are actually going to define my career and future and they had been taking a huge toll because of my online life. I decided to merge everything into one and minimize the clutter that I've spread around. Surely the progress will be slow and not as expected but it'd be better than me dancing between apps and platforms to address the very same set of crowd.

Another reason to ditch Wattpad instead of Blog was Wattpad wasn't honestly giving a good response on originally created stories. Cliche was getting more views than everything else and whole thing seemed like a pain because blog here was giving much better response than Wattpad. Another factor being Blog is my own entity and creation while Wattpad is a totally different set of platform. Here on the blog I can do as I feel like but on Wattpad I am bound to the things that they offer me.

Another factor being the question of keeping books on the platform once I finish and publish them. Overall the whole thing of keeping it was weird for me as it had no significant use for me. All I used to do was interact with a few people here and there for a few days until they went missing and that's all. For reading, I have my Kindle and I feel there's plenty of content still left for me to consume on it. I know many of my Wattpad friends would be thinking of me as a 'stupid' but well you understand  me why I did that, Also I am not dead so stop acting like that. I am here and you can contact me via any of the sources I am linking here.

So just as I decided to ditch a few socials, deleted a few other apps and sorted all the clutter it was on step in that direction. I hope you enjoy reading here and would support me the same way you did there. Do share the content if you love and I hope it lives upto your expectations.

So in future you'd find this place on the internet holding all my work in progress books which you can read and comment on as a beta readers before they head off for publishing. Also, I'd be solely focusing on this platform and might bring out a few updates soon if everything goes well. I'd totally love if you'd share it and spread it across helping me to reach new readers.
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  1. And if anyone wants his phone number u can always contact me lol..

  2. Now I know and understand the reason why you left Wattpad, Dhawal :)


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