Review: The Diary on the Fifth Floor

The Diary on the Fifth Floor by Raisha Lalwani
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads :

A woman leaves her infant at home but finds her on a busy street in an unexpected turn of events.
Another woman wakes up in a flight hours later, befuddled, in the strangest circumstance.
A fascinating tale of a twenty-five-year-old woman that takes hold of us from the moment she enters the fifth floor of a hospital; more precisely, the psychiatric ward. Visibly terrified, she clutches at her clothbound diary, caught in the horns of a terrible dilemma—whether or not to hand over the diary to the doctor. She fears that she will be declared insane if her tangled web of thoughts unspooling in dark mysterious stories is read by the dissecting eye of a doctor.
What does this diary contain? As the novel progresses, we are drawn into characters and stories that are toe-curling, strange, and haunting in their raw intensity. What is the story of this woman? What secrets lie in the pages of her diary? And most importantly, what happens on the fifth floor?


I really loved the cover. There are really few books where I liked the cover. The editing and formatting was nicely done. Apart from first impression, I found the blurb to be quite misleading. I assumed it'd be some thriller having some mystery and things going in background but it wasn't like that. It was a totally different scenario. I'd say it was more of a collection of little nicely written pieces. There was very minute story line to it. Although, I liked reading it as it was nicely penned down. There's not much to tell about it without giving out spoilers. Its a nice read for a deep thinker. As there are many nice topics to be read. Its overall a short and sweet read.

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