Chapter Two

Two Years Back - everything after this is from the past.

It was very early morning of Jay’s first day at work. He was quite excited about his first day. Even when if it wasn’t for the career he wanted but there was something different about this day. It was a day when he was going to start a new phase in his life and be independent. Jay wanted to pursue medicine like his parents but circumstances desired something else from him. That’s how he landed in the field of Computer engineering. He was quite good at it and landed a good job with renowned firm as a senior manager for the project that they had been working on during their final year. It was a huge deal for him as a newbie, where he had been given a position of importance.

No matter from outside everything was appeared to be well with him but inside he was deeply broken. He was living on compromises just for his parents to make them happy. He didn’t wanted to be a failure in being a good son as well. He decided to go with this career and see wherever it goes.

“Ready for the big day?” Parnika smiles and pours him some juice as Jay climbs downstairs dressed in peach coloured shirt with chocolate brown pants. Parnika’s cheeks flushed red, she loved watching him in formals. It just made him look more attractive. Parnika often used to stay with their family as they were neighbours and Jay’s parents were most of the time away from home due to work reasons. In their absence Parnika used to take care of Jay. To Jay she was already a part his family. He didn’t see her as a friend or neighbour. It was something that he never thought about. But they were always more than friends. He used to share everything with her, at times things that he couldn’t find courage to tell his own parents. She was a partner in crime for him who was always there like his shadow. He had never imagined his life without her because she was always there for him.

“Yes pari! I never had imagined I’d be given such senior position at very first attempt. I don’t know how am I going to do it but I certainly don’t  want to mess it up on my first day. I want to have a good impression on my team as their leader.” excited Jay gulps down on the orange juice and munches on the poha which Parnika had made for him. “Ma and Pa will be here a week late. Pa’s conference was postponed due to some reasons and now its postponed for a week. Since they both are there in London for a week more, they decided to enjoy around a little and visit some places.” Parnika said as she sat down beside Jay serving him some more.

“Oh nice! It’s been so long that they had a vacation. Although, I’d miss them here. Bas bas Pari, Jado thai jais atlu khais toh. ( Stop, I’ll get fat if I eat so much. ) Jay covers his plate with his hands. “Barabar khais nai toh kaam kevi rite karis?(If you won’t eat properly, how are you going to work?)” Parnika puts the bowl down and looks at him with a smile. Parnika used to call Jay’s parent’s as ‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’ since childhood as she thought of them as another parents. During childhood she got so attached to Shah family that she one day asked if she could call them ‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’ as Jay used to do. Shalini and Arindam found it so cute because a they always wanted a daughter and now they had someone who used to address them as parents. It was then a few years later when Jay was actually blessed with a sister and their family was complete. Now they had two daughters instead of one as Shalini often used to joke with Arindam when Jay was at school with his sister. Shah family had shifted to Ahemdabad in their ancestral bungalow that was uninhabited post the death of Jay’s Grandparent’s in an earthquake. The whole Bungalow was renovated and was now more like a mansion when you looked from outside. Parnika’s mom was now a part of a bhajan mandal and often used to go to places for events since he was taken aback deeply after her husband’s death.

Jay got from the table eating his breakfast which felt more like a full fledged lunch to him. “I won’t be able to eat anything now for the day.” Jay walked and grabbed his laptop getting it off charging and placed in his bag. “Ma says if your tummy is empty you won’t be able to focus on work.” Parnika says as she cleans the dishes. “Parnika, but if I eat this much i’d doze off to sleep while working.” Jay heads towards the door grabbing the car keys. “Hey pari, do you want me to drop you off?” Jay asks as he ensure his shirt is properly tucked in and he’s ready for the day.

“Yes, wait a minute. I’m almost done. Just can you take my bag from the couch and wait for me in the car?” Parnika removes the apron as she walks towards the mirror in the adjacent room. “Okay, don’t take it long, I don’t wanna get late on the first day.” Jay gets out closing the door behind him.

“You took such a long time, you know I don’t wanna get late today.” Jay blurts out as his fingers are eager to twist the key into ignition. “But Jay, you are 3 hours early than you must be, you won’t be late dear.” Parnika said as she climbed into the sedan closing the door. “By the way, I must say your new dress looks great.” Jay drives out of the garage and heads on to the main street. “Thanks! I just bought it yesterday for yo… I mean I liked this dress as it was on the display in the mall.” Parnika plays with the little hangings from her odhni. She wanted him to see her in his favourite colour today and hence when she saw this navy blue salwar, she couldn’t resist.

Much of their ride was filled with silly banter and usual talks. There wasn’t a time when things went awkward between those two. Parnika wasn’t your shy nerd girl. She was a total badass but it felt as if something happens to her when she’s in Jay’s presence. She was shy and calm around Jay but else she’d be the one you’d never want to mess with. With Jay, at times she behaved with him like his mom and at times like a best friend. There was something between them which both were unable to see but their parents already did long back. It didn’t took long for Parnika to realise but for Jay he was still clueless about what was happening around him.


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  1. Nice work. But they are already married right? Is this story about how couples handle the relationship after marriage?


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