The Truth and Science behind the untouchables

If you are known to the Indian culture and its ancient vedic culture, you might have somewhere heard about the caste system which divided the society into the 4 basic sectors. The Brahmins, The Kshatriya, The Vaishyas and The Shudras. All of these 4 kinds of people were given a basic life task that they had to work upon and improvise with generations.

Vedic culture was said to be one of the most advanced civilizations ever known. Its said that it was even more advanced than the present modern civilization in some aspects. But with time all of that information was lost, some of which we are been recovering even today. Although most of its information was long lost but one thing stayed very dominant within the Indian culture and made its deep roots within the modern Indian society as well.

I had question in my mind from a long time which often kept me bugging without any answers until a few days back I had my answer. You can say I had my eureka moment while I was in shower and you know the shower thoughts right? So, coming back to the topic, I wanted to know why a society and culture so scientifically inclined and stable decided to declare a certain number of people untouchables. Why this kind of discrimination which almost lead to exploitation and gave out a feeling of criminalisation to a person born within those families?

Well the answer lies here, I was watching a video which explained the black plague, its causes and also the present human sanitation systems. As some of you might know vedic society was one of the pioneers in creation of proper sanitation systems. Now, its no nonsense that who ever deals with the bio-waste also deals with all sorts of the hazardous chemicals from biowaste and bacterias and other germs that breed in it. They would've been easily susceptible to a number of diseases which spread via contact and other means.

Now, a few generations later as we know how the magic of evolution works its on way. It might have brought resistance for those germs to the people who had been exposed to that environment but at the same time the other three kinds of people didn't have any exposure to that environment and its harsh nature so they'd be readily susceptible to diseases and might have caused plagues a ton of times. Hence they might have decided to medically isolate the people who used to work with bio-waste and hence keeping the society safe and secure as it might have reduced the transmission of diseases and had enhanced the living conditions until they found a cure for them. If you see this in real life we can relate it with the nuclear power that we work with today.

We lack measures to stop and cure any harms caused by nuclear radiation and hence it has to be dealt with utmost care. Similarly, in that era they might not have cures for diseases and hence to isolate the people who have daily exposure was thought of as a better solution. But as the years passed, people started to use these scientifically thought divisions and systems for their benefits to have political gains, things started changing. There was hatred developed in each of the sects for one another and who gained the most? The ones who ruled above all those.

Its a very basic implementation of the story of a monkey and two cats who were fighting for food in real life. The two cats were finding for the loaf of bread that they had found. But each of the cat was worried if the other one would be partial and take a bigger share instead of making it equal half. Monkey was observing this from the tree for a long time and hence decided to take the benefit of it. Monkey started with first making unequal pieces of bread and then as a measure to make both equal he started eating of extra portions where he ate more than the portion required to make both parts equal. In the end none of the cats got any portion from the bread and stayed hungry that day and monkey laughed back to his branch satisfied by the free food he obtained with two people fighting for it.

Also, everything in this blog is updated with scientific attitude and pragmatic thinking. There are no other agendas then the spread of scientific attitude and promotion of logic and reasoning which we all have somewhere lost in this world of propaganda. Again this article or anything else on this blog has whatsoever no inclination to any association or political agenda. Kindly treat it as it is.

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