In the Age of Propagandas

In my last post I had written about the possible case why there was a rise of thing called untouchables in the human society. I was pretty much sure that I was about to get backlash from some narrow minded people but writing world always surprises me. One of the person I was talking to from a while where she was being all goody and called other people thin-skinned when I told her my idea behind not doing any reviews from hence forth. That very same person was so clouded with something in her own mind which was worst than being a narrow minded person.

In this age of social media where a few clicks can make your voice reach throughout the world, this person decided to become a keyboard warrior and bash someone who just stated the obvious fact drawing a conclusion on his thesis. It's often very easy for creators like me to find hate or negative comments but people who understand and support rarely comment and just be silent spectators. Why is that so? This question still at times intrigues me but lets keep it for some another day.

If you just open up any app in which somewhere down the line it has social interactions possible. I am sure you'd see a propaganda running in very first few seconds. Right from the personal messaging apps like whatsapp to social media websites like facebook. Media houses have gained a strong hold over people when they switched from the traditional printed newspapers to e-media. It was rather easier for them to maintain a website and rather cost effective than printing and delivering papers to people around the regions.

Again all the things talked about in here and just to show an easy example of how a propaganda is planted into people's minds by smart people who want to benefit from it. Most of the times we aren't even aware how this happens but it does. After which all you can do is start a word war which can be verbal or with keyboards to defend yourself in vain attempts to prove something that no one is even interested in knowing.

These ideas are promoted blindly by two kinds of people mainly, one who are benefiting from it and second are the one who just love the whole idea of the message being passed. These propagandas are so tightly knitted to your most important ideals that people just can't resist them or ignore them totally. Some are smart to just read and understand while most aren't and they fail to understand the thing that has been going around such posts and articles online.

You'd find all sorts of ideas being cheered from sporting a beverage to promoting a particular leader where the later one is being easily spotted and hated more. But the thing is, do we really need to be a keyboard warrior online? Suppose, imagine I hate something and I stopped commenting about it online but does that mean its not in my mind? Nope, the things still go in your mind ticking the clocks and at times the when it comes out, they aren't much pleasant either.

So what's the solution to this? I'd say whenever you read something just ask yourself a question, is really the world that bad like these people are promoting? Obviously, everything isn't sunshine and walk in the park but its not bad like these weird articles with all sorts of ideologies promote. If that bad been the case the world would've ended long back.

All I'd love to say is stop falling prey to such absurd and head-ache giving propagandas. Your life will be at peace and you might even love it more than you do right now.

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