Truth Behind the Bestseller tag.

It's been a long time I had done a blog post on any topic which wasn't a review. There's this question that someone or the other keeps asking me whenever the topics of books and sales pop up, 'How come every other book is a bestseller?' then its followed by a number of conspiracy theories about someone hacking into databases or someone paying amazon or retailers to give the book a best selling tag and what not.

Apart from those bizarre theories, let me tell you there's nothing as such. Behind this 'every other book becoming best seller' is a very smart ingenious and tricky marketing plan that only people investing tons into their book launches can afford. This marketing plan is something that isn't a choice or option for an average joe or a newbie like me.

Being in this world of Internet, I realised that its very easy to misguide people by faking the number of likes,shares and what not. But when it comes to marketing where you have to sell any actual products these things don't work quite in that manner. Our bookish industries have made up and devised a really nice and smart plan to I'd say misguide the readers. Although, I'd call it smart and not cheating or a scam, even though it feels like one.

Lets say your average Joe has written a book and now he has a wish of getting it published, he went through the tedious procedures of publishing houses and their plans. Although he wanted to self publish but the tag of getting published with a publishing house sounded really nice to ears. It was a thing of self validation and ego satisfaction altogether.  Apart from that now as his book was now ready to hit market his marketing team came up with a nice plan for him.

His book was priced at 100 bucks (considering random amount and currency), which was although slightly above the market price where other popular books were been sold at 75 or 80 books for super lengthy books. His marketing team wanted him to sponsor them with amount from which he'd be able to buy 200 copies of his own book at least.

A few days before the book launch his marketing team connects with several reviewers and gets them collected, here some huge and popular ones are paid and while most aren't. This team of reviewers is now sent the amount to buy the book and for the paid ones their original amounts of review as well by any of the favorable means usually which are giftcards.

Now its the day of launch, each of those reviewers is now asked to buy the book by using the amount sent to them beforehand. They don't ask all of them to buy those books at once since that'd trigger the seller who'd then know that this book is trying to get into best selling charts by non fair means. Hence to avoid the suspicion the reviewers are asked to buy books in different time slots.

Now as the books are been sold every hour or say every other day, the retailer thinks that this book is selling like hotcakes, hence the book after a limited period of time say, one week will be seen in best selling charts. Now my average Joe is so happy that for his next book he can use the bestselling author tag on the cover of his book as well as he actually thinks that his book did so well that it became a best seller. Although in reality he'd have been buying 200 copies of his own book and giving it for reviews and total sales would be ranging from 700 - 800 books if the book is decent enough and might be more if its actually good.

Also the boost from the reviewers and then after getting the TAG of best seller, there's a very fine campaign of ads everywhere, from where you come to know about your new best-selling author and next time would even buy from him.

That's all for this time. I hope you liked this and do comment down and share your stories with me. I'm planning to do all such publishing related stories soon over the blog as soon as I get some free time to write down from my UNI-and personal coding projects. Also do subscribe to my blog and show me some love. ;)
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