Do you need a Fitness Band or a Smart watch?

In this world of tech, where every other day new device pops up and then rises into popularity if it is able to impress a few set of manufacturers a new trend of fitness bands popped up in last few years. Myself was so intrigued by the whole idea of being able to measure how much of calories you spent or how much your stamina improved over the workout over the time.

But its been now 6 months of me personally wearing a fitness band almost 24/7 on my wrist and trying and testing most features of it and realizing something interesting. If you are someone who wants an answer whether you should get a fitness band or a smart watch then I'd explain you in simple terms. If you are someone who has money to be spent and forgotten whether the thing you spent it on is even worth it or not then you can happily go and choose whatever fits your pocket. Perhaps if you belong to the later category of humans who have this desire of always having worth of their money then I'd say better use that money for something else. Now, If you are still interested in why am I saying this then continue to read the post.

Lets dive into the story of Jack and get a better understanding do we really need these things or not. Jack was a tech enthusiast who constantly kept a track of latest tech and trends in the tech market. Alongside Tech Jack was a cyclist and also was a kind of stats nerd who loved to see stats almost wherever he can. He always used to watch reviews of new fitness bands and smart watches and used to think, 'what purpose do these things serve?'. His friends and fellow cyclists used to boast a ton about their fitness stats using those garmin and other fitbit fitness bands and used to proudly show their performance screenshots from strava app. He used to measure the similar stats using the google's fit app and well the stat's were approximately accurate to his understanding he somehow felt that a proper device could serve a better purpose.

After watching a lot of reviews he decided to invest a little amount and gift himself a budget fitness band which had all the basic features that he'd require. That band was praised a lot for its price to performance ratio and hence he ordered it online with enthusiasm. A week later of ordering his band, it arrived and he was finally excited to try out its all new features that he'd been listening about and watching in reviews.
He used to cycle regularly and used to measure his workouts. Apart from a few technical issues he realized that the fitness band wasn't showing any better results than the google fit app that he used to use before. He had to keep his phone connected with band with the bluetooth and GPS had to be turned on so that thing doesn't serve any major purpose apart from giving him a live heart rate counting all along his workouts.

After a few months he realized that all this while, he was just treating himself as a guinea pig. In the world where everyone is concerned about their data and privacy, he was giving much more sensitive data to random tech companies he bought the fitness band from, the very private data like his heart rates, GPS locations, what time is he active, how many notifications and calls does he get etc etc. He thought, all of this was even worth it? Surely the band had some of its own cons like everything has but, did he actually needed that thing in a first place or was it another fancy impulsive spending.

Now, if you imagine if I strip down a smart watch/fitness band without its notification functions, stop using its workout mode and enter workouts manually. Don't keep it connected with Mobile all the time or wear it all the time. It doesn't make any significant difference in my regime. Some stats that can be easily picked up if you are a pro athlete or a regular working out person. You don't need some random app or device to tell you about your health. Your body is way better indicator for that. Also, some people who are obsessed with step counting and calorie counts, those numbers are always a rough approximation. You can use a google fit app and keep it in your pocket while you walk and see how it gives you almost the same number unless you are using your phone.

This whole idea of treating yourself as a lab rat has many caveats in itself. So unless you are someone who desperately needs a way to spend out extra cash and doesn't wanna invest or donate, you can buy these useless fancy items and let data companies collect all the data about you like a lab rat. I know it sounds a bit rude and blunt but that's the truth.

Please do comment and let me know what do you think about it? I'd love to know your thoughts on it. Also if you wanna read more from me and wanna support me then do subscribe to blog because its free :P.
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