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Song by Jesse Teller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:

Some of the darkest minds in Perilisc attacked Mending Keep, releasing all its prisoners. Despite his strained relationship with the crown, Rayph Ivoryfist calls old friends to his aid in a subversive attempt to protect King Nardoc and thwart terrorist plots to ruin the Festival of Blossoms. But someone else is targeting Rayph, and even his fellow Manhunters might not be enough to save him.


The very first thing I'd liked about the book is the cover. It totally goes with the theme of the book. Also I really liked the blurb of the book, it was quite catchy and hence got my interest in this book. It was a totally as expected book. I liked the whole grim dark theme and the story how it goes. For a few beginning chapters it might have you confused about what's happening and why but as the plot thickens its quite enjoyable.

Things I liked about this book is that the book is quite fast paced and there's a lot to read and discover within the plot. There's a lot going on and it doesn't get you off the book. It actually many times reminded me of Game of Thrones and I don't know why. The plot is mainly surrounded around Rayph Ivoryfist and One another character whose name I won't reveal because its a spoiler free review. :P

As I mentioned before there's a lot going on inside the book. I like the way the story is being narrated. The scenes have ample of descriptions and are narrated very well. One thing I felt where it could've been more better is the introduction to the plot world. The world in which the story is set isn't quite introduced which might get some of you confused in first few chapters but as you read it, you'd get to know more and more connecting dots.

Also I felt there were some scenes where I wish there was more backstory available on that point. Like on a place where there was introduction of a few new characters and new places etc. If you are someone who loves reading grimdark fantasy novels and something with a fast paced narration and loads of action scenes then this one is for you. Ah, there are a few places where some of you might be sensitive but its a part of theme and very well blended.

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