Review: Burn One Down

Burn One Down by Jeffrey A. Cooper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from GoodReads:

Retiring thief Jack Apple is offered a low-­risk, six-­figure payout to heist a medical marijuana dispensary from the feisty and impetuous Diane Thomas after Diane steals the robbery plans from her shady ex-­husband Alvin, hoping to beat him to the score.

Diane promises to stay out of Jack’s way but she can’t help interfering, forcing them to take hostages inside the dispensary when the robbery is interrupted by law enforcement, inciting a media circus that deteriorates into a full-­on urban riot.

To escape, Jack and Diane must negotiate the hostages, their agendas, an army of Sheriff’s deputies, the tenacious local news media, crooked deals, corrupt politicians, rioters, Diane’s shady ex-­husband Alvin, and their growing attraction to each other.


It was a one totally unexpected book. Post blurb reading it felt like this is gonna be some kickass crime series novel where there's a theif, robbery and some awesome badass action but it turned out to be something I had not expected. It was good and bad in their own ways but well It was totally readable.

Let me tell you something, If you pickup this book after going through the blurb and think its gonna be a serious mood super action styled story then lemme tell you my friend you are wrong. This one was weird in that sense and by that I mean it was weirdly funny. A inept thief is on his robbery adventures with a lady who is kind of attracted to him and asks him to rob his ex-husband's marijuana dispensary. I know that sounds damn serious but actually it ends up goofily and funny.

There was constant eye rolling through out my reading time and well there was a lot of goofy humorous things happening in an expected to be a serious situation. I felt there was a lot of scope where it could've been better. If it had been a humor genre book then I could've given it a 4 star but well this one appeared to be something else and ended up something else hence the disappointment.

It is actually quite readable and not bad at all. All the thing is that if you are up for some light read which might make you facepalm and roll some eyes at the character's actions then this on is probably for you. I wished the story could've been more serious in respect to the blurb or the blurb could've made it clear about what to expect in a book. The first few chapters actually had me curious and impressed but as I reached half the book I was actually more of like "what am I reading?" It was funny and weird as the serious thing ends up in a goofy way, something unexpected as I might have ranted a million times by now.

I won't actually recommend this to someone who is up for some serious reads. This one is better suited at someone who is expecting a light read with some silly humor.

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