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Becoming the Dragon by Alex Sapegin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:

From now on he’s got two hearts beating in his scale-clad chest, and two mighty wings on his back. In the faraway planet of two moons, he was born again as a dragon… but would it make him any less human?

The Dragon Inside, a bestselling series by Alex Sapegin, is comprised of a total of four books:
– Becoming the Dragon
– Taking Wing
– A Tale of Violence
– Three Wars

It is a saga of portal traveling, bodily transformations, reincarnation and epic combat, but first and foremost a story of discovering and reclaiming one’s true self.
Having unwittingly stumbled into the site of a scientific experiment, Andy gets teleported to the faraway planet of Ilanta, inhabited by both human and supernatural beings. In this new world, he will encounter all kinds of exciting adventures and grim challenges, mastering his newly developed magic skills, befriending orcs, elves, and dragons, fighting the good fight, and eventually continuing on his quest for justice reincarnated as a dragon.

It was obvious right from the get-go that destiny has something unique in store for Andy Kerimov, a small-town teenager who survives a direct strike from lightning which leaves him with immunity to electronic devices and extraordinary magic powers just waiting to be released.

Teleported to the fairytale world of Ilanta, Andy gets no cordial welcome: he is captured, chained up and sold into slavery — but not before he accidentally activates an ancient artifact and sets Karegar the Dragon free, who would later become his mentor and foster father. When fatally wounded, Andy chooses to undergo an ancient ritual to be reborn as a dragon, a.k.a. a Master of Heaven.

He will have to go a long way before settling into his new body and mastering his newly acquired powers. On his way, he will make loyal friends and bitter enemies, going through fire and ice, defending the right and taking the weak under his wing. Little does he know that he is destined to play a central part in an epic conflict soon to break out where the future of the two planets, as well as his now-faraway homeland, would be at stake…


While I was going through a bunch of books to choose from this one caught my eye. The book cover is awesome if this had been a graphic design rating I'd definitely give it a 5/5 star. The blurb was also telling that there was a lot happening inside the book and indeed it was a lot.

It is a fairly long read, my kindle showed 6hrs + approx while reading and it took almost the same for me being a fast paced reader. Since its a first book in the series it was more about the plot buildup. There was a lot of base building up in a first few chapters about the series. It was interesting and overwhelming at the same time since there was TMI at times. I wish there was a smooth flow in story and information giving out. Like at times I felt like reading back a few things again because I felt I missed out a few things but nah it was something new. Though the glossary turned out quite of a help.

Story wise there was a mixed reaction because it had like 75% of a buildup for the actual story that begins almost in the climax. Also I would need to say that if things like kidnapping and selling for slavery triggers you then you should rather avoid or skip those chapters. Since the blurb mentions about it, there's already a chance you have some idea of what is about to happen in the book. Since I am a hardcore sci fi and fantasy lover it was rather okayish  for me.

I really liked the part where the character first turns into a werewolf (sort of) and then later a Dragon? It was quite weird the journey from the beginning since you'd feel there's no connection between that and the guy becoming a dragon but when you finish the book you'd realise that its a buildup. There were a lot of terms unexplained and just expected to know by the reader. Again I would say there's a glossary but it could've been much more interesting if the author could've included all that info inside the story telling itself.

The concept is nice, I liked the cover but the story-telling and narration needs a work on it. Apart from that lets hope there's something exciting in the next book in this series. I'd surely read the next part to know what happens to the boy-turned dragon also the book ended with a cliff hanger which left me curious. Overall if you are someone who loves scifi and fantasy blends and can hold out for reading one more book after this in the series then its good to go for you. If you are someone expecting it to be a stand-alone story it'd leave you half way, expecting and hungry for something more ahead. Hence its not a stand-alone read for sure.

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