How to increase your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter engagement.

Every other day there's this huge debate around the world in terms to what is the best to get more engagement on social media. Social media these days has become a kind of social status symbol as well as a good business opportunity who are looking forward to become something called as Social media influencer. But sadly many miss the major points here and then end up doing all the circus to get more followers, more comments and engagement and heck even end up paying for them!

Just wait a second, think for a while and look at it like this. Followers, Engagements, Comments, basically are nothing but things that people do normally. No amount of #hashtags or money expenditure on posts would help you to achieve that. Although I agree that Paid posts get more boost on social platforms because that's the common sense, social media companies aren't running for free and they will surely need to eat and spend some money on all the equipment and features they're getting to you so that you can start your influencer business right?

But without paying for promo posts and even if you are paying its not necessary you get all the expected comments or likes right? so here are a few researched and combined tips which are tried and tested by myself. Although everything is based on algorithm these days and is more rewarding to the genuine humans more then the so called made up and curated instagram feeds.

  1. Use the least amount of hashtags as possible. If possible don't use them at all.
  2. Write creative captions and something that would make people read that. Something that is surely related with your post. It won't be good if you have a funeral pic above and a party kinda quote caption down below. It should make some sense.
  3. Don't be mechanical with posts. Be irregular with posting times or days. I know it's absurd with respect to what other posts might tell you but a normal average human won't make his social media posts according to some schedule unless they're a time bound freaks.
  4. Be as genuine and real as possible. Don't make your account look like its been run by a robot. People love real people and that reflects in engagements.
  5. Stop robot-perfected social media pages. I know some Instagram and Facebook-s which look like they're either run by some supernatural deity or robot. So much perfection isn't quite normal to humans. Its okay to have some changes in the style or edits that you make. Too much curated feeds start looking like fake and then results in less following and less engagements.
  6. Don't be a person who smashes ad on people's faces. Like I have seen people whose each and every post/story is either a link, some ad, some paid promo and then they justify by making wide range of excuses. It might be good for you in short term but in long run it'll get your page/account dead soon.
  7. Keep a healthy gap between paid posts and random/genuine posts. If you are posting 5 ads and then 1 personal post it'd be bringing death of your socials soon.
  8. Relax and stop getting paranoid and just give out as much quality content and engagement as possible.
  9. Reply to DMs, comments etc it makes them , your followers feel good that you do care and tend to reply.
  10. Last but not the least, at the end of the day its just a social media page. Don't rely on it so much that if one fine day something happens to your account/social media itself and you lose your following or business as whole.
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