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Hot Target by April Hunt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads: 


How did a nice girl like Rachel Kline end up in a jail cell in Vegas? Don't even ask. She came to Sin City to find her missing friend and accidentally got swept up in a police raid. Even worse, she's being bailed out by the last man she wants to see right now: the irresistibly sexy, infuriatingly cocky Alpha op who rescued her a year ago. What are the odds?

Logan Callahan is six-and-a-half feet of solid muscle and Texas charm, a hard-fighting ex-Marine with a soft spot for Rachel. He's more than obliged to hang up his cowboy hat and help her out. But when someone takes a shot at her, he knows there's a good chance what happens in Vegas won't stay there. With targets on their backs and killers on their tails, it's one high-risk game they're playing. And it's not just their hearts that are on the line . . .


Honestly speaking I had selected this book by just for the cover. Judge me all you want for this but bleh by the title and blurb it felt like there would be intense action and drama inside and it was really good. By the first impressions without reading I felt it would be another Alpha Male / Bad Boy or some mafia turned lover boy stuff inside but to my surprise it wasn't as expected. I liked the narration, the plot twists, the drama and action that was going on inside. This is a 4th part in the series but it can also be read as a stand alone and I must say, I really wish I could review first 3 books over the blog as well.

I loved the character of the Alpha operative aka the ex-marines sniper. To be frank I didn't expect the lead to be a commando turned agent at all. But well this turned out to be a real good one. Well you'll say Goodreads blurb really says all about Logan. But here's the catch, while reading I just pickup the book and let it surprise me with the contents inside. Apart from that it was up in the TBR list for a long time now. Despite the naming being done as 'ALPHA' he wasn't douchy, sex hungry or rude character at all. It was really enjoyable character since the traits were funny, caring and loveable types. Usually I don't talk much about the characters because for most stories if you talk about characters you can give away the whole story, here I can talk about them without giving much of the story.

Rachel's character was pretty much as I had expected no surprises here but when they combined together it was a really fun combo. The bonding with the characters was awesome and you just can easily dive into the story and imagine it happening inside your brain.

I like how the story had turn and twists and sudden mood changes like from hectic and fast running tension phase to cocky and sensual romance to sudden and unexpected comedy. It was overall a really fun and entertaining read with deep serious moments and funny light moments. I'd surely recommend this to all who like romances or are sucker for Alpha male style of books. Even if you are not into the Alpha trend like me, its totally worth reading. It is also a quick read so if you are someone who can't really stand to read and finish super lengthy books this can fit you totally. There wasn't any drag and story felt properly paced, not too fast not too draggy.

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