Review: Defiant Souls

Defiant Souls by Kathleen Chadwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:

When Kyle Chase accepted his Aunt Cindy’s invitation to spend his summer vacation with her, he thought they would be exploring old caves, looking for arrow heads, and honing his skills as a young Archeologist. He never dreamed the fate of the world would rest on his small shoulders. Kyle, his aunt and a small group of travelers have been imprisoned by a mad-man.

Man’s arrogance has opened a doorway of evil and it’s up to Kyle to close it. He will need to trust in his sixth sense, strength, and intellect to escape and find the one man who can help him destroy the evil that holds them captive.


I had this book on my TBR list for a long time so finally I decided to grab a read. Genre wise I'd say its more of a Dark Fantasy mixed with Science fiction as a sub genre. Though it gave me more of the mytho-fiction vibes. Both being my favourites, I was expecting something from this book already. The cover and title didn't grab much of my attention as the blurb did. Like imagine you being going on an adventure and stuck with something totally unexpected? Surely would be lot of fun right?

I had expected it to be more of like the Jurassic park style beginning from the blurb but well it turned out to be different? I'd say if you have read the bible or have faint idea about it then it won't be confusing for you as many of the things in the plot hint towards that. You'd just probably miss on those hints and might not be that interesting for you as it might get you confused. There was magical, angel devil and sci fi styled stuff.

I kinda liked the way story began but on reaching the middle it went on just being predictable. Like it was enjoyable but just nothing wow that I wouldn't have expected it to be. The book has 75+ chaps excluding the prologue and epilogue so yeah its quite a long read. I am more into reads which are quite apt, not too long and not too short. The build up was nice, plot and characters felt like placed nicely. I enjoyed the sci-fi influence over the mythological stuff that was happening. Then the rescue adventure at the end.

I'd recommend this if you like long reads, or like fantasy/sci-fi that's somewhere has connections with history or mythology. It needs some prior knowledge to enjoy it fully, not for the ones who want's to try a sci-fi or fantasy for the first time.

I also enjoyed the writing and language flow. Apart from that the choice of words was quite impressive throughout the text. Overall if it had that wow factor it could've been a 5 star but for now I feel its a good one at 4 star ranking.

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