Review: Immortal Creators

Immortal Creators by Jill Bowers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb From Goodreads: 

Sixteen-year-old author Scott Beck never wanted to be an Immortal Writer—not after his father was killed on a mission attempting to dispatch his own villain. Scott blames Shakespeare and the Writers for his father's untimely demise, but no amount of hatred will prevent the oncoming alien attack, which has come over to reality straight from Scott's book.

Scott is forced to collect his characters—an Air Force colonel, two of the best pilots on Earth, and an alien enthusiast from the year 2134—and defeat the alien king before Earth is obliterated by his ships. But an odd sickness Scott calls his Writing Fever might just kill him before the aliens have the chance.

Will Scott be able to defeat the monsters he created, or will the world end in flames?


This book is second in the Immortal Writer series. I have read the previous one and hence was very excited for the second instalment in the world of Immortal writers. It was really awesome to see the characters from previous book working with the new ones. It felt like a strong world buildup in its own.

But if I forget that it was a second in series book, there weren't any exciting plot developments here. Somehow I felt the character development was a bit weak and they weren't put into light properly. The story felt rushed because it there was the preparation phase and then directly action phase. I was about to give it a 3 star while I was in the midst of the book where the plot started to get my interest.

I'd give mixed opinions on the climax as it was good but not that good as compared to previous one. Maybe the first book has increased my expectations much. Though as I was finishing the book and was on the last few chapters, it took me by the surprise. There was a plot twist, no I am not going to give out spoilers. You have to read the book and find out what exactly I am talking about.

I really liked the way book ended in last few chapters. I feel they're the best in book. The epilogue hinted towards the next book in the series where something more interesting and fun is about to happen. If I compare it with the first book then there was certainly more scope to put in the story here, characters could've have been much better and I felt this one was a bit rushed in terms of story. I just wished there could've been much more to read in here.

Overall it was a nice good read which I totally enjoyed over weekend. Do subscribe to blog for more fun updates by clicking here and do share your thoughts on this via comments.

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