Mi Band 2 Review in 2018

A week back, I had ordered myself a Mi Band 2 after a lot of mental debate, whether it'd be a good choice or just an impulsive decision. While working out and going on long cycling rides, I often was curious how much did the session had an effect on my body. Most of you would say visible changes inside the body are a better indicator but sadly I didn't had that much of a patience to wait for a few months or year to see how much did I change. Hence I decided to get myself a fitness band. Now if you want to get a fitness band in 2018, there are a lot of options from the popular ones like Garmin and Fitbit to the cheap ones like Mi Band.

I am pretty much sure if you are a student or someone who doesn't wanna invest too much at the very first time just like me, you would definitely go on searching for some cheap options that work fine with their said price. I decided to round of my search over Mi Band 2 after having a look over other bands from Lenovo, Honor, and Xiaomi's own Mi Band HRX version. I felt for the price to performance ratio Mi Band 2 would be great since it has all the required sensors and it was fitting fine in my budget. I didn't go for the HRX version because it lacked the heart-rate sensor, which was more important for me since if the only goal of mine had been just tracking how many steps I took, it could've been easily done with the apps in phone like Google Fit or Strava.

Some details on Mi Band 2

I have been hearing around people having battery claims as long as 30 days with this band hence decided to dive into the options and have a look at them myself. There are a ton of options that you can probably tweak inside the Mi Fit app as its the companion to the device. You'd need to install it from your app store.

The App itself is interesting as it has a ton of options like it can show you when you had deep sleep, when you were awake also when you had light sleep. Along with the usual data like Number of Steps taken or the activity done combining it with your heart rate when you are working out, the app can tell you where you lie in the fitness zone and what kind of exercise session you just had. Basically I'd say the Band is more of a put on and a forget device where the you have to sync the data with the app and it is the app which performs rest of the magic.

The band in my personal experience with the kind of heavy usage I have noticed a battery drain of close to 2-3%  a day. The Band can display things like Time, Date, Calories Burnt, Distance travelled, Heart Rate, Battery Percentage.

By far considering more than a week's usage I didn't find anything that can be complained about at this price. The only thing that kinda annoyed me is the strap that comes with the band.

Now why should you buy this and why not?
1. Price to Performance Ratio is great
2. Display is Oled
3. Sensors are accurate enough
4. Battery is good enough for a weeks of heavy usage.

1. Heart Rate sensor is a bit grumpy.
2. Strap could've been much better.
3. If you sync it with your phone 24/7 it might cause your phone to drain more battery.
4. You need to turn on the GPS and Sync with the band while having the workout.

Tips to Use Mi Band 2 Efficiently

1. Don't keep the band in sync all time. Sync the data at the end of the day, for an average day it can be synced even after a week.
2. Keep the options like Lift wrist to view info, Rotate wrist to view info, Heart Rate sleep assistant turned off  if you wanna have a tremendous battery life of a month?
3. Turn of the display heart rate option off in the details that you can view on the Band, because even on accidental touches you might trigger the heart-rate sensor and it'll drain battery even when you probably aren't even aware.

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