How different perception makes things interesting?

Many of you might have noticed the little subtitle beneath the Kaleidoscope, which is viewing the world with different vision.

Many times we forget that perception. Is such an important factor. The way we see things make it appear like that. Perceptions can many times create miracles. People who always had different perceptions from the people in their surroundings have always reached heights in their respective fields. Why? Because what they could see no one else was able to. Their perception to the world and things around them made them unique. Most of those faced heavy backlash from the same society which later treated then like gods and super humans.

I know what you are thinking, hypocrisy? Well I won't write about that, because difficulties always come your way. If you are not facing any difficultly then probably you're on the wrong track.

As in the pic by 9gag, see how the perceptions differ? 

If I had removed the line from the pic it could've looked like monster on metallic planet, but a smile comes your way when you realise that its a lobster in a bucket.

Saw how the way you look at things make them totally different? Now imagine a situation where there's a super difficult task and you have already failed like 5-6 times. You can't just go past that and you now are desperate to just get over with it as soon as possible. What you will do? Charge at it like a mad bull?

Nah, sit down, relax and think wisely. Plan out the thing, see where you went wrong. By that I don't mean the stereotypical answers or philosophical answers that would give you temporary soothing. Find out logical reasoning behind those failures and step by step correct them. Do the same task again and see whether you pass or fail.

People might blur your perception and try to change it towards something often it is called brainwashing. Remember, world isn't always as you see it. You see the things in a particular way because its been taught to you since you were kid. Things might be way more different and at times not so impressive or exciting. Reality can be harsh, but as soon as you learn to deal with it, you are on your path to progress and none can stop you other than you yourself.

Motivation isn't something which can be outsourced from attending seminars or speeches. Its something that always lies within you, all you need to do is just look at it differently.

The sole purpose of my blog is to make people look at life via different angles and just like Kaleidoscope observe patterns as the perceptions change. That's the beauty of life. In jungles if lion fails to hunt, its a life saver aka happy Moment for deer as it didn't loose a family member. But when lion has a successful hunt its a sad moment for deer but a happy moment for lion as its cubs won't be sleeping hungry today.

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