All-New Kindle E-reader Review

For those who love reading books Kindle is a device that always revolves in their mind. But whether this new kindle E-reader is worth a purchase or not? Since I read and prefer E-books tremendously I had a wish to get a kindle since long time. But the price of the kindle seemed a bit absurd as compared to its usage.

I compared the specs online and did a bit of research but it didn't satisfy my curiosity whether it will be suitable for me or not. I am a person who reads a lot on screen. I read blogs, stories on Wattpad, articles over Websites hence considering my use case scenario the kindle would be only useful while reading the purchased books and the ARCs that I receive for the reviews.

I was almost  about to order the most basic version of kindle myself and then I saw it with one of my close friends. Luckily he allowed me to test the device and play around with it exploring the options inside so that I could post this review.

The kindle E-reader I am talking about here is the very basic model that comes for 5999 Rs. in India. If you think about the price to performance ratio this device I could say charges somewhat premium but does what it's meant for like a beast.

The device sports 6 inch E-ink display which is just amazing. This is a technology where there are minute ink particles beneath which form the pattern over the display. The resolution is 300ppi and its pretty crisp and clear.

I was amazed at the quality of display. I kept on reading long time but it didn't strain my eyes at all. The display was crisp clear even under the direct sunlight, no glare no reflection at all.
The Reading experience is just amazing on this device. It feels as if there is a real book in your hand or making it more realistic it looks like a photoframe. The screen mimics the paper so much that you'd hardly realise that it's a screen and not a paper.

The screen refresh rate is kinda disappointing but considering its purpose it feels fine. In my usage the images did left some ghost effect on the screen but it can be either device specific or a software bug because when we re-booted the device the ghost effect disappeared. As you can see in the images above.

You can also connect the device with Goodreads and see what your friends are reading and recommending. Sad part that you won't be able to cherish the colourful covers or Images here as its only Monochrome display.

I wanted to see if the 'experimental browser' as the kindle software calls it works or not. I tried opening my blog links and socials. To my surprise it took like 10 seconds to load my blog but it never loaded the social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ) It did open goodreads quickly though and same with the Amazon store.

The battery life is almost for a month if you keep it disconnected most of the time after downloading your books. The device connects to WIFI and syncs with your amazon account very well. You can also use a code lock to secure your kindle from unauthorised access, though I feel its something that anyone is rarely gonna use.

There are a bunch of settings that you can customise to suit your needs and there's also a vocabulary building feature which can teach you new words daily. It also has the dictionary to help you while reading to find the meanings of the words that you might come across while reading.

The build quality is average and the bezels are too large considering 2018 where almost every eye is now used to seeing bezel-less or thin bezel displays. But considering it a reading device where you might read it even while eating etc, bezels can be justified. The device is light and can easily be held in one hand. You won't feel the pain even if you would hold it for an hour.

Now the biggest question should you buy it or not? If you are someone like me whose reading is not limited to published ebooks or ARCs that get sent to kindle then probably at this price you can get a decent smartphone or a tablet which would serve you way better as a secondary device or as a media device. You can also get a powerbank at a much cheaper rate if you are concerned about your device's battery while reading for hours. If it was priced at 2000 Rs to 3000 Rs range it could've been justified since it does pretty much nothing than reading ebooks. Also this version doesn't contain a backlight so you'd need to treat it as a real book even when its not a real one?

But if you are someone who reads at least 1hr-2hr a day then this device might justify its price since the amount of strain your eyes will get will be surely reduced. I would rather recommend Paperwhite since its a having a backlight which will help you during night reading(although reading in dark is not advised but we still do). This device might be a good choice for kids or senior citizens who aren't that tech-savy.

Honestly I have pretty mixed views about this device since its more of a fancy deal rather than a need. Although I might get one in future considering my voracious reading habits. But who knows the future? :P

Update:  A week later of uploading this post, I finally got a kindle myself and well lemme say one thing, it's totally worth it. My reading time is increased due to less eye strain. Plus I also read my university notes/pdfs over this which makes it easy for my studies as well.

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