Why I decided to turn on email subscriptions for my blog and why should you subscribe?

Hello! It's been long I had a talk kind of post. Its been mostly book reviews and bunch of other things on the blog for a while now. Last month after going through a lot of posts about pros and cons of email lists and social media, I made up my mind to go with the RSS feed and Email Subscriber Notifications.

Currently I am using feedburner which is one of the popular and free options available. I know before most of you barge into comments asking me to go to mailchimp. I feel its not yet needed for me to have an advance thing for my blog where I post 'not-so-often'. Most of you might be thinking why the need of gathering emails and sending notifs? well the simple answer is social media menace.

If you are into any kind of social media marketing you might be probably aware of the whole ruckus through which the social media is going through right now. Most social medias are turning into cheap-ad showcasing platforms these days. While facebook being most notorious in this aspect decided to kill their creators in that aspect.

When we compare Facebook with others like twitter, instagram, snapchat etc, it has probably the worst organic engagement rates. Note carefully when I say worst organic rates. Its like 2-3% in a week. For example, if you made a post now it might reach your audience within a week, that too only 2-3% of the people who'd be following you on your 'official page'.

I feel somehow this is over-boarding with the 'pay for cheap ads thingie'. It somehow tries to push you to your limits where you decide to pay for your organic reach by chopping it down to almost nil. Instagram is on the same path but its not worse like its parent right now. I know this sounds like rant but these are tried facts.

But at the same time If you pay like a 100 bucks for boosting the post, your post reaches where you might not even expect it to reach. Now that's heights! Due to all of these reasons I finally decided to go the old school way of reaching my audience via the Feeds or Email notifications.

If you are someone who loves to read from me and doesn't scroll through socials a lot then you might subscribe to email updates. I promise they're not at all spammy.

One of the another reasons to dive into old school yet effective methods is because of the time most people spend on socials. Most of the people who you'd find active on socials will be teenagers these days. Many times they may or may not be your niche audience. There were several thoughts on to my mind before I took the decision. I also know some of you might be worried about your emails being collected or sold, no sorry. I am not into those ugly marketing practices at all.

I just love to blog and wanna make it easy for people to visit this humble abode of mine over internet and read the articles I upload. Hence If you wanna support this blog do subscribe and show some love!

Link: https://www.dhawaljoshi.in/p/subscribe-blog.html
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