My Thoughts on the Android P Developer Preview

First of all as many of you'd say "Dhawal, its too early to comment on the final version." But yet, I noticed something that I wanted to share out with you'll.

In the Android P Developer Preview which has been just out. There have been many changes that seem to be a bit debatable. I have been following on a lot of sources and read some really wondeful updates about the new version. As its been a tradition I know most won't be getting its update when it releases but lets not crib about that right now.

If anyone of you wants to read the changes summary for the Android P Developer Preview then you can read it from here but don't forget to read this one before going there 😉 ( )

So, if you are someone who's into customising Android, making changes deep down into systems and have already made it your business then it might be a warning alert for you.

With every Android version as once which was a feature available into a particular custom ROM or theme-only, is now available slowly ans gradually with stock ROM.

One part of it is that we would no longer to have the hassle of rooting devices by unlocking the boot loaders and doing some other circus. It'd be much easier for Non-Tech Savy people to have all that features on their devices right out of the box.

But here's the catch, it'll also remove the speciality of the custom ROMs and skins that Manufacturers provide with their devices as well as for some developers who earn their living based on these customisations.

Let me give you infamous example of Snapchat. Its the App that most of you used daily. Most developers know that the idea they had wasn't a totally new business idea. Similarly if your business js depending on certain set of root application sales or certain custom ROM sales then your business might be at the risk.

It won't certainly affect huge players a lot but niche developers who are earning based on these particular customisation apps will suffer hugely. Either they'd have to come up with a totally new option which would result in going through whole cycle of customer building. Or they have to find a way to morph their present business into something that can be self-sustaining.

This topic is widely debatable and might have many viewpoints which I even might have missed. But its just a thought that popped up in my mind afterall.

Don't you think if your business idea totally depends on someones else, it always has a risk of being upheavaled.

Let me know your thoughts down below with the help of comments and if you're new here then don't forget to subscribe.
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