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I have been hearing a lot about the NaNoWriMo for a long time now. I wanted to participate in the November slot but couldn't because I had missed the deadline. But this time I have successfully registered for the CAMP. If I be really honest, I don't know much of the difference between the CAMP and the Month. By far the only difference that I've known is that in the CAMP you can decide your own word limit in comparison to the fixed word limit that's been provided else.

Anyway, I wanted to share this out because any of you are planning to join then I'd like to know. I feel this time I will complete a book in a month, fingers crossed! It usually isn't fun writing on the base of deadlines, at least for me because I feel you can't limit creativity on the base of time. This will be first time I'd be racing against a time limit to write my story. It will be exciting to compete and write with a lot of another authors.

For most of the time I either write like 10 chapters a day or write nothing straight for a month. Yep :') that's my speed. This time I'd have to make sure I fulfil my daily goals for the least. One thing is for sure, I'd be posting a lot about behind the writing scenes on twitter, so if you haven't followed me there then do it right now!

Here is my profile Link to Camp if anyone's interested, click here. Looking forward to some new exciting writing experiences. Do you subscribe to the blog updates if you are new here, click here to subscribe. Also let me know in the comments if you are joining NaNoWriMo CAMP or what are your thoughts about it.
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