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Google's Blogger is one of the best known platforms for blogging out there. Somewhere I feel with wordpress coming out it is often underappreciated and under utilised at times. A few days back I was looking for some options to push my blog posts on a particular schedule. Where on wordpress if you are a free plan you might not be able to use this awesome functionality to upload the blog posts via a simple email but you can do that in blogger as wordpress would need to mess with bunch of plugins to do the same thing.

Blogger is my by far favourite blogging platform and I have my own reasons for that. Yeah you can call me a bit bias about it but, if you are talking about blogging on a free platform Blogger would be my pick any day.

Coming back to topic, with all this new functionalities and other stuff coming up, I decided to play with something which was already present on my blogger for a while now.

If you open your Blogger admin panel settings and go to the settings option, you'll find an email option.

Then go to email option, and have a look at the first option there.

Add the secret keywords that you think won't be known easily to others and then click save. So for example if your email address is that account with which you have logged into the blogger, the email to post your updates will be remember this in itself is an email address so you can save it to your contacts as well.

There are a few options where in you can decide whether you have to directly publish the post or you want to save it to drafts and then publish it later. This can be super handy and easy to post thing where you don't need to play or mess around with a whole new app to push updates to your blog. All you need to do is make and send in an email. Isn't it easy?

To schedule the posts at a particular time, you can just schedule the email and voila your post will be uploaded on the blog. You can do a bunch of things if you play around with options here and there as well. Like adding the pictures, quotes etc. Play with bunch of bold,italic, underline and other formatting options. The subject of your email becomes the title of the post and the content is just the way you have formatted it and linked it in email.

The fun part? All the things you can do with a versatile email app, can be done with this too. Like play with it as and explore new functions, do share with others.

This post was also sent by using this email feature!

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