When expected never happens.

Its been a super long series of events where I had planned something and then it never happened. Also, there were occasions when I expected nothing and there turned out to be a huge surprise. Life itself is a surprise in that manner.
At times I end up on thoughts where I either don't wanna plan anything out or plan everything out, checking things a several times on list.

But the fun fact I realised is that life isn't a mathematical equation where you can get the value of x and then easily estimate the y. Its a probability function which never has a stable answer. All it gives is a certainty or 'technically' a probability about something happening.

In this world where you don't know what will happen the next hour, you planned all your life on a piece of paper making it picture perfect. It'll never be that. There always like this uncertainty around it which can change your plans any moment.

So when you plan something regarding your life and it never happens as assumed. Don't get disheartened and depressed. Instead just wait to see what is awaiting you. You never know something more than you expected can be awaiting you and you'd never see it or probably even miss that chance just because you were depressed about things not working out as per your plan.

If I be honest in life there are lot of things which aren't even visible from our POV. Things that we miss even after them being right in front of our eyes often shape out the future. You know the most fun part out of this? No matter how much you plan, how much you get it precise there'll be always one such moment that'll change the course of your life in a direction that you never had even thought of.

Instead of just planning layout of your life's Architecture and living it like a robot, live out your life. Its an adventure where you never know what will be happening the very next moment.

Life is very short to get depressed about things, failures, love betrayals. Its much more than anything that might appear alluring to you right now. So better than planning it out. Pack up your bags for an adventure, grab on necessary skills and tools and go on an adventure. That's the moment when you will actually begin to live your life.

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