Real Life Super Hero - Movie Review Padman

Padman was one of the movies I had on my to-watch list since it was being first promoted via socials. Not because it was some another super-hero movie but the actual man and cause behind it. It's a real life inspiration as many may know. Here's IMDB link if you wanna know more about the movie itself. In this blog I am not gonna talk about the usual stuff that you'll find on every second post over Internet.

This story again goes the on route of mad genius making an impact on the society. Here out MC isn't even educated enough but yet he invents a machine that can make sanitary pads for women at low prices. There are many times so many problems around us which are either ignored or we are just grown used to. The problem of using a dirty cloth during periods is one such issue that still is quite prominent in the rural areas. Here talking about India this person somehow faces the backlash of the society by going against its norms and yet gets one his message conveyed to masses.

I can pull out many things from this story that some people might not notice easily. One of those is talking about issues, just talking about issues never helps. Issues only get resolved when they're acknowledged, thought upon and solved. Neither just knowing an issue helps nor talking about it.

This person Arunachalam Muruganantham is one such inspiration for all the people out there. If you know a problem and are hell bent to solve it, you should do it no matter what happens. Here it was the case of health and hygiene. Where most companies are too busy and involved in money making this man got his product to masses.

I am personally touched by the dedication to solve the issue and then putting it out in public. Many times we think facing backlash from society isn't much if you ignore it but think what will be the use of your solution when there's no one to use it? Society is the one you are making your solution for, because if you only had an issue and knew the solution you'd use it quietly without sharing it.

India is one such country where there's enough taboo about a lot of things, at times even shockingly weird things that are ought to be necessities. Open -defecation is one such issue, when it is addressed by some layman people laugh and make fun but when some popular person does that he is awarded and rewarded.

Akshay Kumar here has done wonderful task of bringing this topic into light just like he had through his another movie Toilet. He's been visible doing such movies these days which is a good point where others are still busy pairing 40-50 yr old actors with 20-22 year old actresses and people enjoy that movie with  popcorn making it a 300 crore club movie.

cheers to the attempt and its one of the must-watch movies. Not because it has a social message but it is a work of art and sheer inspiration.

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