NetGalley : Trying something new.

Since I have been reviewing books for a while now, I thought of connecting with more book bloggers and look what's going on in the Book Blogging world. There's where I came across this Badge that got me a bit curious and thus yours truly ended up googling it.

Professional ReaderNetGalley is basically a place where Promoters aka the Bloggers, Reviewers and Authors /Publishers meet. Its a more of a feedback exchanging place unlike Goodreads where its more of anyone can just post a little review and acknowledge the book, here its more into reviewing and providing feedback.

I haven't yet discovered much about this website and am looking forward to know more about the 'how to's' and the 'dos and don'ts' . So if anyone from book blogosphere can just drop me a message I'd really appreciate it.

The thing I noticed is most authors and publishers get a paid plan which is priced differently as per some packages decided by the website.  After which they can put up their copies of books for the readers to see. The books are given to reviewers or promoters either directly or you can make them request and approve as their profiles please you.

I feel for someone who is just entered into the blogosphere and has interest in book blogging can try it out as its a great source for both the parties to get latest content out and make it a win-win situation. I have seen many people putting a little disclaimer as I got this book from so and so place, personally I would never add that line because that line itself means you are somehow biased towards it. But if that's a rule then I might have to add it. I generally don't discriminate between books I buy and I don't.

This post was not a promotion for NetGalley in any sense, Just wanted to share out a wonderful source of promotions and getting promoters in a win-win situation. When there's any book to be launched authors and publishers get frustrated awaiting reviews from bloggers or promoters who at times don't even end up posting one after receiving the promotional copy.

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