My Experience Learning - Machine Learning with Krishnakant Mane

Well last week out College authorities had come up with a plan of organising a Machine Learning workshop which would be taught/guided by one of the leading personalities in Industry Krishnakanth Mane.

The word Machine Learning itself had me very pumped up as its one of the fields I want to work in after I complete my graduation. Machine Learning isn't a new topic, it has been there since 90's but it's now gaining popularity because we have finally achieved the levels in computation field to support the whole ideology and concept of ML into real-life devices.

The workshop was for two days, I know most of you will think 'how can you learn such a broad topic in 2 days?' for them answer will be buddy, you can never finish this topic and say I am done knowing all about it. We mostly had a brief introduction with the Machine Learning and Learning Python.

Yours truly(extreme right) with his friends in LAB

Our first day was spent mostly learning tips, tricks and basics of python language. Programming on python was really a fun part as there was no major hassle of dealing with syntax and other to-do stuff that you need to do with other languages.

It was really fun while declaring variables, array and adding data to it as it was so seamless experience. But when things went complicated like pushing number into the array, it wasn't that seamless.

Being so adapted and accustomed with JAVA, I felt a bit restricted and confused with the syntactical aspect. Like while you write the code it was fun forgetting all the braces but when you headed back to read the code or solve some error that could be some major night mare if you aren't using some IDE like Emacs or even a simple editor like gedit that provides you an indentation guidelines.

Without that auto-indentation feature of Emacs it'll be a nightmare to read a huge python code later on. Imagine that code is written on paper compared to a piece of Java code on a paper. Reading will be nightmare if indentation isn't done properly since in Python Indentation works as braces holding the information within class or a method.

There were many fun parts while experimenting with Python on terminal and then Emacs, as Emacs as IDE was a whole new level of learning and fun.

I could here compare the python/emacs with linux somehow and JAVA/NetBeans/Eclipse/Android Studio with windows on the base of how they're perceived in terms of complexities. Python as a language might appear very easy and friendly on first but as you dig deep it gets complex, after all its a high level language. Emacs was definitely a fun to use software but for the 2 day use I felt it had its own major learning curve. It might change my opinion as I may use it ahead but for now I feel if you are in any industry and training a newbie to construct a new app framework or a background code Emacs would be a living nightmare for that trainee as it'd take him months to get around compared to as comfortably and quickly as a NetBeans or any other IDE would do.

I so wanted to try out real algorithms on the sets of data that were provided by the team. To most part we didn't to do any of the major installations as the teaching team had everything done already on our Ubuntu-32 systems. I'd have loved if I had been installing it myself as to get a total overall experience and handover for the next time I do it on my own.

For most of the part during the workshop it was more of exploring python and Emacs along with their tips and tricks that they were providing which was making coding a piece of cake. We used data sets and ran them across the algorithms viewing results in all sorts of graphs. It might not be possible to learn each and every concept of machine learning in a day after all. It will take time and effort to go through all the concepts of the language and the editor first before diving deep into the field of ML.

I feel it was a really fun learning experience to learn from a person who has such deep knowledge and experience in this field. As he had quoted from some personality

Learning isn't best until its obvious learning

I'd agree with him in this part. That day the path we had followed was obvious learning. We discovered a lot of things on our own instead of being spoon fed. He also shared his blog link where in future we can read more about  Emacs and python in detail. To be honest I actually wanted to do a 'how-to-learn python in 2 days' post but due to time constraints my schedule is been giving me all I could do is talk about my experience in the workshop.

Indeed it was a really fun learning experience and I wish to see him again someday and learn more about ML in detail this time.

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