Finding the truth if Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Profile actually cut down your organic reach?

I have been blogging for a long time and also have been a part of this online marketing community for a long time now. I have been observing the changes that are happening in the Technical and Internet ecosystem for a while and made a few unique observations of my own.

If you are a small blogger or a person who's livelihood depends on the online marketing then this post might be helpful for you. For a the past few months I have been experimenting with social medias to see which way gets your the maximum reach organically (because each one of them does extremely well on paid ones).

I used most of the popular Apps including a few personal messaging apps as well. The Apps I tried were Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and even our old but yet reliable friend Email.

I have been reading about a lot of Algorithm based changes that might be happening in these platforms as well as the google search results. But where most of the others were yet decent in terms for organic reach, the ones that disappointed me the most were Facebook Pages and Instagram.

After Facebook taking over on Instagram there are a lot of changes that almost every other Instagram user is been hating for a while now. I am not here to crib about those changes rather than that I wanted to showcase a point which I don't know most people have been realising or not.

 If you use Facebook and Instagram for your marketing activities then you will be very disappointed to know this. If you aren't one of those who usually creates the paid promotions on these platforms then both of those are as good as useless for you. The reason being the organic reach is crippled in a way that it hardly reaches even 3-5% of your followers. Instagram might not be worse in that manner at times but Facebook Pages definitely are.

After a lot of searching and shuffling through apps that are available in market, I rounded my focus on Facebook Pages, Instagram and Twitter. For obvious reasons Facebook and Instagram are in the list due to huge user base and options to find new people.

I used the same posts on all the three networks and to my utter surprise Twitter was the best of 3 in giving me organic reaches as well clicks to the links I had been sharing. When I checked my Instagram and Facebook stats they were rather discouraging then encouraging. For a while I thought it might be a human error since all these 3 networks work on different algorithms and might have different priorities, hence I did what each network favoured but still Twitter somehow rocked.

For a change I decided to try promoting a post with Facebook. I created an advert and allowed the ad to be displayed on Instagram as well. I connected my Facebook Page with my Instagram and created a business profile on Instagram. I tried the paid promotions for just 3 days and miracle happened.

While my organic reaches for the same posts were like 20-30 likes on Instagram and 5-6 likes on Facebook Page , they spiked up to 250 likes on Instagram and 60 likes on Facebook Page. So gauging the difference between organic and paid promotions, I concluded that If you are someone who is all into organic reaches and less into paid promotions then Facebook isn't a place for you totally.

To again try it differently, I used the same posts on my personal Facebook profile and switched Instagram profile to personal, again I got the spike on engagement even with the lamest of posts. The reasons and the results being pretty evident it a no brainer for me. I am planning to delete the Facebook page or keep it as it is without doing anything special for it. I'd rather enforce my personal profile and link my Profile's follow button instead of Facebook Page's.

If you are bored of the constantly changing social networking market and algorithmic issues then email marketing is still one 100% guaranteed option that can be used to cater to your audience. But here are some really strict rules to be followed as each and every email is catered directly into someone's inbox.

You shouldn't spam your email subscribers and ensure that detail's aren't leaked anywhere. Respect their privacy and don't send annoying mails everyday. Make it a weekly email update list if you blog daily. Use the email option in a way that doesn't annoy or creep out your audience.

I hope this post turned out to be helpful, do share your views in comments below. I'd love to read for you'll. If you are new around here then don't forget to subscribe to this blog by clicking here.
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