They made me smile that day

How many times thinking about something or someone makes you smile in a day? Well for me there's always a smile on my face whenever I think about a tasty dish or a new piece of tech. There are many other things that make me smile but that day, the answer from my friend made me smile.

It was another usual day of mine where it began with my college, spending like literally 12 hrs outside and reaching home like a sucked up juice can. I dumped my bag in its place and jumped on the couch straightaway spreading over it. Just like my usual routine or I must say ritual I connected to my WiFi and then it began raining notifications of the whole day.

Well most of the notifications weren't that interesting apart from one message from very old friend. Due to hectic schedules we hardy had time to talk to each other these days and whenever I had free time she would be busy with work and vice versa. I quickly replied with a Hi! and awaited for the reply.

I didn't had to wait long for the reply as she was already online. The chat went on for a while and she asked me about how my book was doing. I was actually surprise she knew about it as She was offline for a few months due to her exams for which she was preparing from a very long time. So playfully asked if she liked the book or not, assuming she already read it. But to my surprise she was yet to get the book.

Considering her birthday was next week I asked her if she'd like tor read it if I gift it to her. Well then there was the reply which made me smile and proud at the same time. She said she'd wait for first stipend that she'd be getting from her internship and then she'll buy the book. To be honest I was already impressed. It's not like she's the only one who answered that, but the moment when old friend whom you think you had almost lost touch with says that she'll get your work from her first stipend is quite touching in its own way. Its a very different feeling to be honest.

There are many friends whom I'd love to name but considering their privacy I won't. They almost said the same thing to me when I offered them a review copy. Each one of them wanted to support me as Author and rejected my offer to get them review copies.

It's not easy for every author to go ahead and offer review copies, they're kind of used as marketing tools to spread a word about your work in market and get more readers. My friends somehow understood this and honestly that was beyond my expectations. You don't get people each day to save up some bucks from their pocket money or wait for their first stipend to buy your book. This post is more of a personal huge thank you to all of them. I had planned this post a long back but couldn't pen it down due to stuff happening around.

If you think these are my college friends or someone whom I know around me then nah! these are my friends whom I met online via Wattpad. To be honest I even have seen most of them in real life and yet when you receive so much love it just feels like heaven.

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