The Reason I Respect Them

I didn't had any plans to blog today since I was reviewing a book which you'd be soon getting to know about, but something happened which made me think and you know when I think something pops on this blog. So here I am with a new mind tickling post.

People always talk about respect, some want to gain respect while some are somehow trying to respect. Some have the attitude of give and take respect. But you know what?  Respect is something that should better come straight from heart. It's that feeling of adoring and admiring someone where you take their example as an inspiration in your life. Respect isn't a task that you should do just because you are asked to do.

There might be several contradictions in your mind right now, I know. We are always asked to  Respect elders, why? Well because they are adults? No, I don't think so, we should respect them because they have more experience and knowledge of something called life. Apart from elders, there are loads of people that gain respect from us somehow when we walk down those streets.

Personally Me as an Individual and not considering any bias respect self-made people. I don't know why but when I see some people crazy fanning behind any personality I am not hyped with the crowd unlike them. You would hardly find me saying that I really admire that person or am fan of them.

Well I was listening to this pop song which was quite popular on YouTube and I Eh, Another pop song and then I clicked to listen the track. I must say the track was catchy and was influenced by many International styles but the thing that grabbed my attention was the singer's exclusive Interview With some another channel that YouTube was suggesting me.

After playing that song a few times which was quite addictive and catchy track as I said, I clicked on the Interview. Usually I don't look forward to any celebrity interview but somehow I was expecting something from it that I don't know why?

I watched the entire interview and well I was mentally respecting that singer more than I just had after I listened to his song. He was a self-made man and well it was his journey that made me respect him. At a tender age, being on top of one of this first chosen careers he had a massive drop before getting to singing which was his second passion or a hobby.

You see the difference in thoughts when you respect someone? One is like Eh, another song and then there's  This is awesome. That difference is called respect. Its not like only elders can get respect. There are kids I've seen who are brilliant in their own ways.Then there are people who have made themselves from their hard work.

I can't just respect the ones who have always been with a jump start. It just don't come out on its own. They might have loads of fan following over Internet or Worldwide but I will just be like eh, that's another one. I am sure most are going to count me as douchebag. But its something I can't help myself out with, you just can't force respect for someone.

Its the same with most of us when it comes to finding partners. You just don't love someone truly until you start respecting them as a person. Surely he/she won't be a internationally known celebrity but If you can respect them they are not less than a celebrity for you.

With this I'd end this post and leave a question for you. What do you see in someone to respect them?

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  1. Merci pour ce article, effectivement le respect doit venir de l'intérieur,et en début d'année, je m'y mettrai pour attirer le respect des gens et moi-méme je respecterai à l'avenir chaque personne après avoir lu votre article.


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