Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Review: Land of Strength and Sorrow

Land of Strength and Sorrow Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of the fantasy books which was in my list. So Finally I had time this week and had it out for reading. I loved how the book began where the in the past and then it straight gets into the present. I liked the creativity of the fantasy world, like the fairies, giants and all. Its not easy to create a magic world for sure.

Apart from being a fantasy world, there was a lot of plot twist and storyline here. There are a lot of love hate moments inside the story as you'd love certain parts of lead and hate some. It keeps interest going on through out the book till the end. As for me it was quite predictable as I had guessed most of things in first few chaps. I won't lie but still I enjoyed reading it till the end.

Things I didn't like much were the end of the story and magical details about the creatures being spoken off. It felt like if there could've been more it'd be a lot more fun. The end of the story was a kind off cliff hanger. It felt like 50% cliff hanger and 50% The end. It was weird but unique.

For all the fantasy fun, magical adventure journey I'd surely recommend it.

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