Saturday, 6 January 2018

Review: Escape From Benzor

Escape From Benzor Escape From Benzor by S.A. Krishnan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was longing to read a really good science fiction for a long time and then I stumbled upon this book. Well I must say author has done really nice job working with the characters, scenes and technical aspects in the book. I felt like reading a star trek version of a book. I am pretty much sure if you are star trek fan, you might love this book. All of those Inter-Planetary stuff will excite you and keep you guessing.

I really enjoyed reading it throughout but there were a lot of confusions with the new-worldly terms and things that were mentioned in the book. I wish there could be a glossary to decipher the meanings of those things. Apart from that, I was able to get many terms by the time I finished the book that had me confused and head scratching in the beginning.

Narration was brilliant and the writing style was enjoyable. There were areas, I felt it could've been more engaging but well it might be just me. I'd recommend this book to geeks or the ones who like reading geeky, techie and suspense filled books. It is the first book in series so I am excited to see what will be coming in future releases.

I'd classify it as one of the hidden gems, try it and you will love it.

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Description :

Benzor is an uncomfortably cold planet in the Kor Solar System.
Unfortunately the Space Pirates who stranded Major Omkar Navate of the Higher Enforcer Division 
in Benzor knew that. 
All alone in Benzor, Omkar Navate is trying to get back to Terran. But it is a losing battle with his hypothermia and other injuries.
And no one knows where he is...

Why was he stranded there?
More importantly can he get back 

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  1. This sounds so interesting! If I'm completely honest I'm not a massive sci-fi fan, but my brother is such a big sci-fi reader, so I'm going to pass this one onto him! Thank you, I know he will love it!! X


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