My Day at DevC Conclave - Facebook Developers Circles Mumbai

So yesterday I was at the DevC Conclave at DBIT which was by Facebook Developer Circles Mumbai. The event began with humor induced and inspiring lines by the Principal of DBIT. As every event has a flow, it had its own flow of speakers and there were lots of talk about Modern Coming age technology, Market and Development in the Technology sectors.

There were many things which I had already been in my knowledge all thanks to my geeky nature and Love for technology. There were also some things that were surprising enough and out of my knowledge. I thought VR was developed after Google had introduced the cardboard. Don't quote me on that as I had experienced the Cardboard and Samsung VR and a fest where they were displaying the surface of mars. VR is a technology which isn't available to to masses at the moment with its own well known reasons. But ever since the Cardboard technology as been in market and Android Phones are getting VR compatible, its penetration has certainly increased over the time.

This increasing penetration can be further increased as its a wonderful technology but as the speaker said in conference, VR isn't quite popular yet as there's no content for VR if anyone has it and No one makes content for VR first as there's not much people consuming VR content, being the same egg and chicken story. I absolutely agreed to that statement. Most of the content creators often run after the market trends which are been put forth my some organisations which do the data analysis. Though its a good thing to keep that in mind but a foolish step to make decisions based entirely on that.

Tech market at this time is facing most disruptions. There was smartphone era a few years back and now there's all the hype about AI and Machine learning in specific. I don't doubt it too. AI and specifically Machine Learning which is a subset of AI is been a boon to content based websites like YouTube, Facebook etc..

Think if there was No Machine Learning you won't be finding those suggestions based on your likes and activities on YouTube or Facebook. Though Advent of AI has surely increased the concerns about privacy and security all over the world.

Personally, I follow Elon Musk and I feel he is actually somewhere right about AI over throwing humans at a certain point of time in future. We might be the programmers but there will be day when AI will no longer need a human for its creation or any help.

There have been several instances in past about AI where in one case Facebook AI bots had developed a language of their own which was quite undecipherable by humans and they had to force shut that AI down.

Another point there was news in media about Google making AI to program software, which in turn resulted in replacing basic programmers and AI producing more efficient algorithms in less time.

There are many things where we AI is so awesome that it can send chills down your spine and at the same time it can make you awe about its wonderfulness.

AI right now is one of the major sectors where most companies are racing with each other to invest, research and incorporate any of subsets of AI in their products. Sadly hardly 19% have undertstood to concept of AI and rest are just trying to enjoy the creamy layer of it. I feel that can be harmful in most ways than being beneficial.

Most of these technologies like AR,VR, AI can be a lot of help in the medical science where we still use real bodies to train newbies. Imagine if  there were VR models of the organs where the newbie doctors can learn anatomy and surgery techiniques, that could be awesome! Many of the groups are now working in this area to fill up the gap.

All of this is like been discovered and has already disrupted the market heavily. But the Next big thing that is imagined to change the market is Blockchain. One of the most famous execution of the Blockchain technology is Bitcoin and many other similar cryptocurrencies in the market.  Blockchain is a wonderful unexplored area of the technology where many huge titles have been exploring and investing in it right now.

Even I personally feel with the advent of IoT and its use being on rise, Blockchain if combined with IoT can create miracles. Though that is one of my personal pet projects where I want to combine both of them with ML Neural Network in background tasks to make the decisions. It would be really wonderful to see real life applications of all these technologies in market where they're easily available to the people.
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