Kaleidoscope is Selected in The Best of 2017 Author Websites

It's not every morning when you get up and have an email in your inbox saying ," Dhawal,

First off, a huge congratulations! We've selected Kaleidoscope as one of the top author websites of 2017! We were suggested over 1500 author blogs to review. It took awhile, but we went through them all and pulled together the final list of blogs that we felt were the highest quality and most unique. A huge congratulations! Out of the thousands of sites, you made the list!

The top 45 we selected were all so high quality that it was very difficult to rank them; every blog selected here is of extremely high quality."

A hearty Thanks to all of you lovely readers who supported me and this humble abode over internet. 

Another good news that many of you might know that I have now upgraded from itskaleidoscope.blogspot.com to a new domain DhawalJoshi.in and added a few more things like subscription options to blog which will update you whenever I push a mind-tickling post here. Nothing's much changed on your side apart from new address name to type in the bar and a nice little internet post-man sending you blog updates in your email inbox.

See the Results of Top Author Websites here : https://commaful.com/play/2017/top-author-websites-of-2017/

You can check their website here : http://thewriterawards.com/
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