Which smartphone should you buy ?

Well if you're thinking that I am going to review some ton of smartphones and then direct you to some particular brands (paid/not paid) then my friend you are on the wrong side of the internet. With this all round media hype with new smartphones and new tech bumping in every few months. Reviewers are going bonkers with the amount of smartphones they are reviewing each month.

Well in this point i'd rather mention a few points that might open up your brain to new areas and might help you in buying the device that will be best for you instead of some random reviewer comparing ton load of smartphones and suggesting you pixel 2 or iPhone X as the best phone and then when you glance at your budget and I will be able to see that frown on your face.

Reviewers often get review units. Well this is quite argue-able point as many reviewers get and many don't but most of your famous reviewers which you keep a track of get review units. Which they area allowed to keep for a while till there's the hype about the phone and then return when their review is done or the hype dies. At times they are often allowed to keep them like gifts.

As I said many would argue with me on above point, some reviewers also order the devices for
their personal usages and also if that device isn't available in their own regions. Which probably if you do after watching your favourite YouTuber or Blogger buying the device then you end up paying custom fees which most of the times people aren't aware of or might end up getting scammed from some random 3rd party website shipping those devices to your region.

As these days market is changing and new tech coming every day the device you bought at for example 20 bucks might be available at just 10 bucks after half a year or maybe it's just too  old to be sold.

The technology is upgrading itself rapidly especially in the world of smartphones. So what to do when you wanna buy a phone and also keep up with the latest tech if you are a tech lover like me. Answer is very simple. Get yourself a budget or maybe a mid-ranger device if you still wanna spend more.

As I said tech especially in the smartphone world is upgrading at a rate that after a year or two your flagship might be comparable to mid-ranger or worst case a budget device. You might think that you invest so much into a flagship and it didn't outshine a few years.

Invest in a top-of the line budget device or a decent midranger device. In this way even if you change your device every 2 year or so, which undoubtedly most of the people do these days due to various reasons. You can spend less every time and still stay with the best tech which might be available in the market.

For those who still are stuck upon thinking that they'd always opt for the most costliest device, dude you are all good to go.  But don't buy it with an intention that a it'll be top of the line and best till 3/4 years you are intending it to keep.

For some people who might be thinking about the E-waste situation here, I am not promoting it by any means. People already are doing that  without saying every year. So instead of buying a new, either get it exchanged with website/store you might be buying that device with so you might get a discount as well or you can pass on the device to some member of the family who might require it. You never know with the 2017 era mobiles have grown more importance for everything.

So what do you think about this?? I'd love to read your thoughts comment em down below. See ya later next time.
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