Truth behind the trend of Book Series

Publishing books in series is the latest trend in the market. Somehow everyone turns up with a duology or a trilogy or many times the series continues till there are like 15 - 16 books in the series. The funny thing about this is that many actually have the story that goes on till that many books and rest others end up bloating the book and publishing a series at the end.

If I sum up all the disappointment I've got in my whole life from reading books, 70% of that comes from the book series. I know it would to be too blunt to just say it out like that without being buttery or diplomatic. Most of the authors just go as their publisher asks them to do or they just are over possessive with their art on the paper. So, instead of trimming their books or lining up the story line properly in a better and interesting way that makes reader love the book, they end up making a series out of it.

I know some of you think I am removing some kind of frustration but well if you look around yourself. Just take any book series and look for the points that I just mentioned, see if they are somewhere true, you'll find your answer.

Now the question comes why a book series and not stand alone book? Well talking about stand alone books, most of the times these book series, parts don't even qualify as stand alone novel in their own. If I just jot down their story line in some points that I won't even find a proper story in the book. Hardly a few points or turn-arounds that make you feel Oh yeah! that feels like a nice plot! But nah! 70-75% bloat is published in the name of character development and plot building.

Well, for the answer to WHY? That all is done to earn more. Most of the publishers go for a series tactic as in this way they sell more. Why would an Author object with this when he/she could feel relived about their manuscripts not getting trimmed and instead getting divided as two different books? So, when the first book in the series is launched, they promote and invest a lot. Doing loads of giveaways, promotional campaigns, Marketing discount campaigns etc.

If we see this from the marketing and business perspective this is actually a nice way to sell more. Honestly I don't have issues of Book series which actually have some story ongoing and those books can stand alone if someone's not read the other parts.

But why to publish bloat and call it a book series? Ever thought on that? Well this is all from me. I'd love to know your comments about this.
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