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Recently I was talking to one of my friends on my humble writing abode aka Wattpad. So While chit-chatting here and there she shared one YouTube Channel link. It had a 16yr old reciting some poems with loads of emotions and stuff which discussed issues of people around. She is a sucker for motivational things and especially TEDTalks.

Many times she shares a lot of motivational stuff she feels is good enough for me, and me being regular savage puts it down. Well, I ain't rude on a purpose or someone who thinks high of himself. I just think in a very practical manner.

Think of it, you and me every time we are online scrolling across screens and websites, walking down the lanes or having a discussion in group.There comes a topic where almost everyone has something to talk about. Everyone has a point that they think should be considered. But if you just push aside the haze of that smoke gathering around you and burst your bubble you'll find something that might amaze your mind.

Think of it, with the population we have around and most have access to the internet. What if everyone starts a YouTube channel, or a blog or something where they just crib and cry about some issue without even finding solutions for it? Is that gonna help solving any issue? I don't think so, then there comes people with different sorts of made up views, they thinking cribbing and crying about any issue will spread awareness.

No my friend that doesn't do a thing. It rather just creates clouds of hatred, gossips, negativity. You are actually farming negativity over that portal of yours which was supposedly to be helpful.

You know what someone does when they actually wanna help?

They get their asses off into the battlefield and get straight to work
The simplest inspiration I can give you is from our soldiers. They know a lot of things before they sign up for the armed forces. They know there's terrorism, its bad. They know there are lot of discrepancies around still they join the forces to do what? TO HELP! that's your cue here.

If you feel you can motivate someone, you can get someone from bad to good or can bring a significant change in the people around you. Begin at your own stage. You might be a school going kid, you might be a teen, or a millennial or a retired person. Its upto you, how to go about and bring a change.

All talking never helps, its very easy to sit and comment and chat about issues. But very difficult to go down there in field and change it.
If talking was the thing that could help then there won't be scientists, doctors or engineers around to solve the daily issues and bring out the inventions to get rid of them. There would be just a bunch of cry babies who would cry and crib around and get problems solved on their own.

If you want to bring a change be a doer and not a talker. 
If you think what can you do now apart from sharing those cribbing articles, then my friend there's a lot that you can do. Just have a look at the opportunities around you. Calm down, think practically and reasonably you'll find a lot of things where you can improve yourself and then you'd be proud of the change that you've brought in.

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  1. Nobody have ever think about this before but you are really saying something unique. It's a good thing and everybody should do this. You are good in psychology too and I think it's also from your experiences.

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